C++ Boot Camp

The C++ Boot Camp training course examines the core concepts, language syntax, and APIs required to build C++ applications.

The course briefly reviews some core C concepts and then transitions into an examination of what C++ adds to this picture. Emphasis is placed on the value of C++ in effective modeling of the problem domain as well as enabling and enhancing code-reuse and code-evolution. Major topics include basic class concepts (memory management, data access, abstract classes, etc.), function usage (passing data to/from functions, friend functions, overloaded functions, overloaded operators, etc.), inheritance (data visibility, virtual functions, etc.), and some miscellaneous topics (C++ templates and the STL, exception handling, I/O, run-time type information, interfacing with other languages, etc.).

Course Summary

Learn how to effectively to transition to C++ from another programming language.
System administrators, C developers, and embedded programmers want to learn C++.
Skill Level: 
Learning Style: 

Boot Camp training is fast-tracked, hands-on, instructor-led training covering multiple related concepts and technologies in a condensed fashion.

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5 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Understand the core C++ language syntax
  • Identify core object-oriented concepts
  • Describe the 3 types of polymorphism
  • Design and use classes effectively
  • Design and use methods and reference arguments effectively
  • Make use of operator overloading
  • Design and use class hierarchies and virtual functions
  • Write and use incomplete (abstract) classes
  • Understand and use the ANSI C++ library
  • Use “const” intelligently
  • Describe the basic use of C++ templates
  • Make basic use of the STL
  • Work with C++ I/O
  • Understand how to interface C++ to other languages
  • Program with the C++ try/catch exception model
  • Work with C++ run-time type information (RTTI)
  • Use casting intelligently

What You'll Learn

In the C++ Boot Camp training course you’ll learn:

  • Day One:
    • Concepts of OO programming
    • Classes in C++
    • Functions in C++
  • Day Two:
    • Constructors and destructors
    • Memory management
    • References and argument passing in C++
  • Day Three:
    • Operator overloading, initialization and assignment
    • Scope and access control
    • Introduction to inheritance
    • Polymorphism and virtual functions
  • Day Four:
    • ANSI C++ library
    • Templates
  • Day Five:
    • I/O in C++
    • Practical aspects of C++ programming
    • Exception handling
    • Run-time type information

Meet Your Instructor

Photo of julian

Julian first touched fingers to keypunch in 1972, punching Fortran code onto cards at Imperial College in London (England, that is) and soon moved onto Macro-11 programming on PDP-11s. This qualifies him as a Real Programmer, and until recently, he even had a PDP-11 in his garage at home to remind him of better times.

He learnt Fortran while becoming a geologist at Imperial College, but he has never practised in the rock business, as he succumbed to the...

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Photo of Instructor
Andrew S

Andrew is a mathematician turned software engineer who loves building systems. After graduating with a PhD in pure math, he became fascinated by software startups and has since spent 20 years learning. During this period, he’s worked on a wide variety of projects and platforms, including big data analytics, enterprise optimization, mathematical finance, cross-platform middleware, and medical imaging.

In 2001, Andrew served as company architect at ProfitLogic, a pricing optimization startup...

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