Working with WebLogic Server

Advanced WebLogic Server Administration

The Working with WebLogic Server training course provides an administration-focused learning program for managing WebLogic.

The Advanced WebLogic Server Administration course assumes students have gone through the Introduction to WebLogic Administration course and are looking to deepen their knowledge and experiences. 

This course is intended for system administrators and production support staff who need to perform advanced administration of WebLogic Server to support enterprise-class production systems. 

Course Summary

Learn how to setup, configure, and administer clusters in WebLogic Server.
System administrators and production support staff who need to perform advanced administration of the WebLogic server to support enterprise-class production systems.
Skill Level: 
Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
3 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Setup and configure WebLogic HTTP container
  • Implement WebLogic Security
  • Configure a WebLogic Cluster
Working with WebLogic Server is part of the Oracle curriculum.

What You'll Learn

In the Working with WebLogic Server training course you’ll learn:

  • WebLogic HTTP Container
    • Configuring HTTP
    • Web-Server Proxy
    • WebLogic Plug-in
    • IIS & WebLogic
    • Apache and WebLogic
    • Virtual Hosts
    • Log Files

  • WebLogic Security
    • Security Design
    • Security Providers
    • Authentication, Authorization of Users
    • Authentication, Authorization of Groups
    • Roles
    • Integrating with Legacy Providers
    • Common Security Administration tasks

  • Configuring WebLogic Clusters
    • Overview of Clustering
    • Clustering Servers
    • Design a Cluster
    • Recommended Architectures
    • Implementing Clustering
    • Configuring Clustering
    • Working with Clustered Servers

  • WebLogic Node Manager
    • What is Node Manager?
    • Accessing Node Manager
    • Configuring Node Manager
    • Node Manager Setup and Domain Management
    • Node Manager Monitoring and Logging

  • WebLogic Performance Tuning
    • What is performance tuning of an application server?
    • Defining Performance Tuning objectives
    • Identifying Bottlenecks
    • Monitoring Utilization and adjusting
    • Understanding JVM tuning
    • Monitoring and Tuning the JVM
    • Other areas of tuning: Switching VMs, Tuning legacy tiers, etc.

  • WebLogic Scripting Tool
    • What is WLST?
    • Working with Jython
    • Introduction to JMX and MBeans
    • Using WLST for monitoring
    • Using WLST for management
  • Q/A

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