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Not every course is right for every role. System administrators don't usually need to code. Developers don't always need to setup a network.

You'll learn the most, when you take a course that's customized specifically to your role within the IT organization.

DevelopIntelligence is the only technical training company that delivers completely customized learning experiences based on the people and the project. By customizing the learning experiences exactly to your needs, you'll learn and retain more in less time, making it easier to adopt the new concepts back on the job.

Contact us now to have one of our Learning Solutions Architects design your role-based, project-oriented, productivity-focused learning solution. Or, browse our course offerings by role.

Software Developer Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Software Developer, you live, breathe, eat, and sleep code. You're constantly weaving the worlds of artist and engineer to create the perfect solution to meet the functional requirements. You know all the fancy names for special characters, like bangs, pipes, french curls (or squiggly brackets). You speak geek.

Web Developer Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Web Developer, you're front-side, you're server-side, and sometimes you're even in the middle. Sometimes you right the "back-end" code, but you're drawn to the creative, visual side of software development. Like a software developer, you speak geek. But your geek speak probably contains hex values, CSS rules, and JavaScript.

Technical Manager Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Technical Manager, you're the PM, BA, and HR all rolled into one. You're the conduit between the business side and the technical side. At one point in time, you spoke geek. But, now you're more speaking things like P&L and budgets.

System Administrator Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a System Administrator (SA), you're constantly tuning, tweaking, and maybe even duct-taping, the hardware and software to make your domain purr. You're "the guy" that makes things work with 99.999% uptime. You're a developer in your own right, with all those Bash and Perl scripts lying around. You speak geek, but not necessarily that "developer geek".

Business Analyst Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Business Analyst (BA), you're constantly working with the business to translate business requirements into the functional requirements of your system. You're the translator of what may appear to be two foreign languages. You speak geek, but just enough to ensure consistency between the design and your requirements.

Project Manager Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Project Manager (PM), you meticulously keep the project and everyone involved on track. Somedays you feel like your herding cats. Other days, you are the MS Project wizard. Without you, the project would be over budget, over schedule - maybe just over. You speak geek, but just enough to make sure the developers aren't pulling a fast one on you.

Q/A Courses

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Quality Assurance Tester, you're constantly on a scavenger hunt. Always hunting, searching, and testing to find the all elusive, and somewhat endangered species, the software bug. Without you, the developers might just ship it when it compiles. Of course you speak geek, but just enough to ensure the system validates against the functional design.

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