Software Developer

Not every course is right for every role - system administrators don't usually need to code; developers don't always need to set up a network. Your teams will learn the most when taking courses that are customized specifically to their roles within the organization.

We're the only technical learning solutions company delivering completely customized learning experiences based on the people and the project. By customizing the learning experiences to fit our students' needs, they learn and retain more in less time, making it easier to adopt the new concepts back on the job.

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Software Developer, you live, breathe, eat, and sleep code. You're constantly weaving the worlds of artist and engineer to create the perfect solution to meet the functional requirements. You know all the fancy names for special characters, like bangs, pipes, french curls (or squiggly brackets). You speak geek.

The following is a list of our courses the Software Developer role.

Jest and Enzyme Testing

Provide a solid foundation in the workings of the Jest testing framework along with the testing utility Enzyme.

.NET Core Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in .NET Core development.

.NET Fundamentals

Learn how to build .NET applications.

Advanced AJAX

Build web pages that allow users to have a dynamic interaction experience.

Advanced Angular Development

Learn how to leverage Angular to its fullest potential.

Advanced Core Java

Learn how to write complex stand-alone applications using advanced features of the Java language.

Advanced Groovy

Teach how to use Groovy in a Java environment.

Advanced GWT

Learn the advanced GWT concepts and development practices.

Advanced Hibernate

Learn how to effectively use and optimize Hibernate.

Advanced Java Swing Programming

Learn how to create custom, reusable, GUI Swing components.

Advanced JPA Programming

Learn the knowledge and skills required for developers to use JPA to its fullest.

Advanced jQuery Development

Deepen your knowledge of jQuery.

Advanced JSF

Learn how to build reusable custom JSF components.

Advanced Machine Learning

Expand upon topics covered in the introductory course and learn advanced techniques for managing data and tuning models.

Advanced Maven

Learn the low level details of apache Maven.

Advanced Perl Programming

Learn the best practices when using Perl to write large scale programs.

Advanced PHP

Learn advanced web development concepts like OO and MVC in PHP.

Advanced Python

Become an expert at creating high-throughput, multithreaded, network oriented programs written in Python.

Advanced Ruby on Rails

Learn advance Ruby programming techniques, tips, and tricks.

Advanced Spark

Learn Spark internals for working with NoSQL databases as well debugging and troubleshooting.

Advanced TSQL

Learn Advanced Topics around TSQL.

Advanced UML

Learn all of the UML diagrams in the UML 2.5 specification via our Advanced UML course.

Agile Engineering Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively integrate today’s best software development practices.

Agile Programming Workshop

Learn how to adopt Agile within your organization.

Agile Testing

An intensive exploration of Agile Testing roles and techniques.

Android Development Quick Start

Learn the basic concepts of how to build Android apps.

Angular 4 Intensive

Learn all major parts of the Angular 4 framework.

Angular 8 Intensive

Leverage all of the newest parts of the Angular API and Framework.

Angular Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of building robust web applications using Angular.

Applied Computer Vision

Study and implement deep learning models and learning algorithms for visual recognition.

Applied Data Science & Machine Learning

Explore intermediate data analysis techniques and how programming languages can be used to further analyze data.

Applying Big Data Technologies

Learn to use big data technologies and understand their tradeoffs.

ASP.NET Core Development

Rapidly give a .NET Framework web developer the knowledge and practical skills to create modern web applications.

ASP.NET Identity Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in ASP.NET Identity development.

Atlassian Jira

Teach the essentials of Atlassian Jira

AWS for Developers

Learn how to work with, configure, and deploy applications to AWS.

AWS for Developers Boot Camp

Learn AWS and prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Exam

AWS Serverless Applications

Teach traditional architects and developers to develop applications in AWS Serverless.

Azure in a Day

Learn to build, deploy, and maintain applications in Azure Cloud

BDD Learning Spike

Equip developers with the core principles, techniques, essential tools, and the necessary roles and responsibilities used in BDD.

Behavior Driven Development using Ruby

Learn behavior driven development (BDD) techniques using Ruby.

Big Data Bootcamp

Learn all about Hadoop and Big Data technologies.


Demonstrate how Bitbucket can make teams more productive.

Building a Recommendation Engine Using Python

Understand, design, implement and evaluate various recommendation engines.

Building Chatbots Using Google Dialogflow

Build Chatbot on Google Cloud and deploy it standalone as well as on Facebook Messenger.

Building Web Applications with ASP MVC

Learn to build a robust, enterprise-grade web application using ASP.NET MVC.

Business Analysis With Agile

Learn how to effective capture business requirements for an Agile project.

C++ Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively to transition to C++ from another programming language.

C++ Secure Coding

Programmers will have an understanding of how to develop secure code, adapt existing code to be more secure, and address CERT coding standards in C++ where required.

C++ Template Programming

Learn how to use the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).

Certified Agile Developer

Learn how to use Agile to develop software.

Certified Agile Practitioner

Become certified in Agile project management.

Certified Agile Practitioner and Agile Developer Certification

Become a Certified Scrum Practitioner and Certified Scrum Developer with hands-on experience.

Certified Agile Product Owner

Become a certified and successful Product Owner through in-depth study of Agile, Scrum, and Lean concepts.

Chef Essentials

Learn the architecture of Chef, the use of Chef Development Kit (ChefDK), and associated tools.

Citrus Framework

Demonstrate Citrus functionality for automated testing while exploring integrations, development and testing processes.

Cloud Native Development Practices

Give a developer the knowledge and practical skills to design and deliver applications in a cloud-native approach thus equipping them with the tools to create more secure, changeable, scalable and available applications.

Concurrent .NET

Learn how to take advantage of the multiple cores found in modern processors by working with the variety of options for parallel execution in .NET.

CSS for Server-side Developers

Learn the key CSS concepts required to support back-end server side development.

Cypress for End-to-End Testing

Automate end-to-end testing using Cypress to test the applications overall behavior.

Data Integration with Talend

Learn how to use Talend to make data more accessible, improve its quality and help your organization become more data-driven.

Decentralized Web

Provide developers with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your websites can maintain a decentralized approach to improve speed, accessibility and user experience.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

Examine Deep Learning concepts and popular tools.

Designing Web Services

Learn how to effectively design RESTful based web services.

Developing Applications using java.nio

Learn how to create high-throughput Input-Output (IO) oriented applications using Java.nio, the New Input-Output Application Programming Interface (NIO API).

Developing RESTful Web Services in Java

Learn how to build RESTful web services using JAX-RS.

Developing SOAP-based Java Web Services

Learn how to create web-service enabled applications using JAX-WS.

Developing Web Services with Java EE

Learn how to build web services using the Java EE platform.

DevOps Boot Camp

Learn the key concepts and tools used in a DevOps environment


Describe the philosophy, models, goals, practices and tools being used to move to a DevSecOps culture.

Domain Driven Design Workshop

Learn how to model software using the Domain Driven Design paradigm.

Domain Models in Practice: DDD, CQRS & Event Sourcing with Marco Heimeshoff

This is an intensive three-day workshop which explores the technical relationship between code, culture, and architecture and teaches how to model and implement software from a business perspective.

Effective Java EE Development

Learn how to architect and design enterprise-class Java EE applications.

Effective Java Programming

Mature the quality and effectiveness of your Java programs by learning best-practices and principles.

Effective Web Application Development with Java

Learn the software architecture principles, web application development best practices, and common design patterns used to structure and build web applications for extensibility and scalability.

EJB3 Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of using EJB3 to build transaction aware back-end systems in Java.

Elixir & Phoenix

Learn how to create rich, interactive experiences across browsers, native mobile apps and embedded devices quickly and easily using Phoenix & Elixir

Engineering Reactive Architecture Using Scala, Akka, Play

Teach Reactive Programming with Scala as a foundation.

Entity Framework

Learn to build data tiers using Microsoft Entity Framework.

Entity Framework Core Development

Rapidly get .NET developers productive in EF Core data access development.

Equipping IT Professionals for Tech Support

Empower IT professionals with the communication, conflict resolution and people skills needed to grow with their changing roles.

Essential C#

Learn how to write a stand-alone application using C#.

Ext JS Development

Learn the Ext JS JavaScript framework, which is used to build web/mobile applications.

Fast Track to Akka with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Akka.

Fast Track to Play with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Play.

Firebase for Web Development

Build an application using Firebase as a back-end, get real time updates from Firebase, as well as implement server-side logic using cloud functions.

Full-Stack Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to do full-stack development using React and Node.

Functional Programming for Java Developers

Prepare Java developers to utilize functional programming when creating code.

Fundamentals of Apache CouchDB

Learn the fundamentals of Apache CouchDB in this two-day hands-on course.

Glassfish Performance Tuning

Learn how to get the most out of the Glassfish Application Server and Java.

GoLang Microservices

Create, aggregate and monitor microservices in Go.

Google Cloud for Data Engineers

Learn to build systems on Google Cloud to store and process batch or streaming data.

Google Cloud for Data Scientists

Create and deploy high-performance data science and machine learning systems on Google Cloud for regression and classification use cases leveraging both structured and unstructured datasets.

Google Cloud for Developers

Learn to create and deploy software on Google Cloud to have secure and stable applications.

Gradle Quick Start

Learn how to leverage Gradle as an automated build system.

Groovy and Grails Boot Camp

Learn the key components of the Groovy and Grails required to rapidly build a web application.

Hadoop Administration

Learn to maintain/operate a Hadoop cluster.

Hadoop Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the Hadoop platform.

Hadoop for Data Analysts

Learn how to use Hadoop to manage, manipulate, and query large complex data in real time.

Hadoop Security

Implement secure Hadoop clusters using authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate Google Cloud For Data Analysts

Learn how to analyze large scale, distributed, and real-time datasets with MapReduce and Apache Beam based capabilities of Google Cloud and practice identification and analysis of effective data features for predictive analytics with BigQuery ML and TensorFlow.

Intermediate Google Cloud For Data Scientists

Implement statistical and machine learning models using TensorFlow, for example for recommendation engines, and how to improve their performance based on the students’ understanding of underlying mathematical principles.

Intermediate Google Cloud for Developers

Utilize advanced processes and practices for the platform to improve function and security.

Intermediate Kotlin

Increase knowledge and effectiveness in the Kotlin programming language.

Intermediate Python

Help new Python developers mature their programming knowledge.

Intermediate React & Flux

Learn to build apps using React.js and Flux

Intermediate Redux for React Developers

Teach React developers how to use more of the Redux API in their applications.

Intermediate Xamarin

Provide mobile app developers with an overview of using Xamarin to create multi-platform apps.

Internationalizing Java Applications

Learn how to implement Internationalization and Localization (I18N) within Java applications.

Introduction to ActiveMQ

Learn how to install, configure, and administer ActiveMQ.

Introduction to Administering Hadoop Clusters

Learn how to set, configure, and administer Hadoop.

Introduction to Agile Development

Learn how Agile Development can improve the process of writing software.

Introduction to AI and Machine Learning in Azure

Learn to implement AI and ML techniques on Azure.

Introduction to AJAX

Build Web Pages that allow users to have an interactive experience with your Web Page.

Introduction to Akka Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Akka framework.

Introduction to Akka with Java

Learn how to use the Akka Framework with Java to build distributed applications.

Introduction to Android Development

Learn how to build Mobile Apps using the Android Platform.

Introduction to Angular

Learn how to code single page applications with Angular.

Introduction to Angular Learning Spike

Learn the basics of the web development framework Angular.

Introduction to Apache Flink

Learn scalable batch and stream data processing using Apache Flink.

Introduction to Apache Kafka

Learn how to use the high-throughput, distributed, publish-subscribe messaging system Apache Kafka.

Introduction to Apache Lucene

Learn how to work with Apache Lucene.

Introduction to Apache Maven Learning Spike

Learn how to set up builds using Apache Maven.

Introduction to Apache Solr

Learn how to configure and work with Apache Solr.

Introduction to Apache Spark

Learn how to use Apache Spark as an alternative to traditional MapReduce processing.

Introduction to Apache Spark in Production

Learn the architecture and internals of Spark, a fast and general engine for big data processing, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing.

Introduction to Apache Storm

Learn Storm, which is the real time processing framework for Hadoop.

Introduction to Apache Struts 2

Learn how to build web applications using Apache Struts 2.

Introduction to Apache Tomcat

Learn how to install, configure, and administer the leading JSP container Tomcat.

Introduction to Apache Wicket

Learn how to adopt Apache Wicket.

Introduction to Apache Zeppelin

Learn the interactive data analytics UI framework, Apache Zeppelin, that allows ease of access to data coming from several big data implementations.

Introduction to Apache ZooKeeper

Learn the internals of Zookeeper and explores how it functions.

Introduction To Application Express

To introduce database users and administrators to Oracle APEX 5.0, Oracle’s premier Rapid Application Development tool.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This course is designed to provide students with foundational and practical knowledge of artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Azure for Developers

Learn how to build, deploy, secure, scale, monitor and maintain applications in Azure Cloud

Introduction to BDD

Equip developers with the skills and concepts necessary to use BDD in their software development.

Introduction to BDD

Equip developers with the skills and concepts necessary to use BDD in their software development.

Introduction to BigQuery

Empower developers to use Google's BigQuery to explore and gain insights from large datasets

Introduction to C++

Learn how to write stand-alone applications using C++.

Introduction to Cassandra Learning Spike

Learn how to develop with Cassandra.

Introduction to Chef Learning Spike

Learn to configure and deploy Chef for server infrastructure.

Introduction to Clojure

Learn how to build applications using Clojure.

Introduction to CSS Learning Spike

Learn the basic of CSS.

Introduction to D3/Data Driven Documents

Get up to speed on using D3 in your data manipulation and displays.

Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning

Examine how data can be gathered to improve the overall needs of the business.

Introduction to DevOps

Learn the key concepts and components of a DevOps environment

Introduction to Docker

Learn how to utilize Docker for your distributed apps.

Introduction to Docker Learning Spike

Learn to the basics around systems and application design for Docker.

Introduction to EJB3

Learn how to build enterprise application using Enterprise Java Beans.

Introduction to Elasticsearch

Learn the key concepts required to adopt Elasticsearch.

Introduction to Elm

Teach developers to write programs in the Elm language.

Introduction to ES6

Teach the features of ES6, the newest version of JavaScript.

Introduction to ETL management with Airflow

Teach how to use Apache Airflow to manage data warehouses

Introduction to eXtreme Programming (XP)

Learn how to successfully implement XP methodology in your organization.

Introduction to Gemfire

Learn to use Gemfire in high performance systems in order to facilitate fast access to data.

Introduction to Glassfish Administration

Learn how to install, configure, and administer Glassfish.

Introduction to Go

Teach developers how to use the Go language.

Introduction to Grails

Learn how to rapidly create web applications using the Grails framework.

Introduction to Graphics Processing

Develop a working knowledge through lecture and labs of graphics processing practices within Machine Learning using CUDA, PyCuda, OpenCL, Vulkan and Tensorflow.

Introduction to GraphQL

Learn to work with GraphQL in a React context.

Introduction to Groovy

Learn how to use the Groovy Scripting Language.

Introduction to GWT

Learn how to build web applications using GWT.

Introduction to Hadoop Administration

Learn how to administer and maintain Hadoop.

Introduction to Hadoop for Developers

Learn how to write MapReduce programs using Java.

Introduction to Hibernate

Learn how to build database applications using Hibernate.

Introduction to Java

Learn how to write a stand-alone Java application using the Java programming language.

Introduction to Java for Procedural Programmers

Learn key object-oriented concepts for successful migration to the Java platform.

Introduction to Java Performance Tuning

Tune a Java application to address system performance issues and crashes.

Introduction to Java Swing Programming

Learn how to create stand-alone desktop-oriented Graphic (GUI-based) Java applications using Swing / JFC.

Introduction to JavaServer Faces

Learn how to build component architecture-based websites with JSF.

Introduction to JBoss Administration

Learn how to install, configure, and administer the leading open source Java EE Container JBoss.

Introduction to JBoss SEAM

Learn how to simplify web application development using JBoss SEAM.

Introduction to JPA

Learn how to build Java EE and Java SE database driven applications using the Java Persistence Architecture (JPA).

Introduction to jQuery

Learn how to use jQuery to build robust web applications.

Introduction to Kafka Streams

Upon completion, students will be able to utilize Kafka Streams and identify where Kafka can be further incorporated into their practice.

Introduction to Kotlin

Create basic applications with the Kotlin programming language.

Introduction to Lean Development

Learn how to move to the Lean process.

Introduction to Linux Learning Spike

Learn to setup, manage, and configure a Linux machine.

Introduction to Linux System Administration

Learn how to effectively administer your own Linux dev box.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Learn various Machine Learning algorithms to evaluate and productize models.

Introduction to Mule

Learn to use Mule, the most popular open-source ESB (enterprise service bus) on the Market.

Introduction to Node.js Learning Spike

Learn the basics and essentials of Node.js.

Introduction to OAuth 2

Learn how to build advanced web security with OAuth.

Introduction to OO Programming

Learn the key Object Oriented Concepts (OO Concepts) required to build an OO system.

Introduction to OOAD

Learn different Object Oriented Analysis and Design strategies (OOAD strategies) to architect and build object oriented systems.

Introduction to Oracle SQL

Learn the basics of interactive SQL and SQL*Plus operations.

Introduction to Perl Programming

Learn to write programs using all the basic elements of Perl.

Introduction to PHP

Learn the fundamentals of PHP required to build a dynamic website via our PHP training.

Introduction to Play Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Play framework.

Introduction to Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

Introduction to R

Learn how to leverage R to perform data analytics

Introduction to R & Python

Introduce developers to both programming languages providing comparisons and recommendations between the two languages.

Introduction to Rails

Learn how to Develop Web Sites using the Ruby on Rails Framework.

Introduction to React

Learn to use the React.js library and JSX.

Introduction to Redis

Learn to use the NoSQL database Redis.

Introduction to Ruby

Learn how to program in Ruby.

Introduction to SageMaker for Data Analysts

Teach developers how to choose the right questions to ask and how to answer them with Machine Learning.

Introduction to Scala

Learn how to adopt Scala to efficiently build multi-core processing applications.

Introduction to Scala Learning Spike

Learn the fundamentals of the Scala programming language.

Introduction to Selenium

Learn how to use a variety of automated testing methods.

Introduction to ServiceMix

Learn how to effectively administer and work with ServiceMix as an Enterprise Service Bus.

Introduction to Software Architecture

Learn the discipline, responsibilities and practices of a software architect.

Introduction to Splunk

Help DevOps engineers learns to use Splunk

Introduction to Spring MVC

Learn how to simply and rapidly create web applications using the Spring MVC framework.

Introduction to Spring Web Flow

Learn how to create web applications using the Spring Web Flow framework.

Introduction to SQL

Learn the core concepts of SQL.

Introduction to Swift

Learn the Swift programming language, which can be used to program iOS apps.

Introduction to Terraform

Express infrastructure across multiple teams within an enterprise using Terraform.

Introduction to the Azure Stack and VM Managers

Learn how to deploy Azure in private data centers

Introduction to the Google App Engine

Learn to use the Google App Engine and integrate it with other Google Cloud services.

Introduction to the Spring Framework

Learn how to simplify web application development using the Spring framework.

Introduction to TSQL

Learn the syntax and concepts of TSQL.

Introduction to TypeScript

Write elegant/scalable TypeScript code that will ultimately be compiled to JavaScript.

Introduction to UML

Learn how to use development oriented UML Diagrams (Unified Modeling Language Diagrams).

Introduction to Vagrant Learning Spike

Learn to use the essentials of Vagrant.

Introduction to WebLogic

Learn the fundamentals of working with, configuring, and administering WebLogic server.

Introduction to Xamarin

Provides training on how to create mobile apps using C#.

Introduction to YUI

Learn how to leverage YUI to rapidly build rich interactive web apps.

iOS Development Boot Camp

Learn how to build iOS Apps.

iOS Development in Swift

Learn how to build iOS apps using Swift.

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

Learn the concepts, tools, and strategies involved in the implementation of the activities required to benefit from improvement opportunities.

ITIL Foundation

Learn the concepts, tools and processes to help your organization gain control over service management and delivery.

ITIL Service Design

Learn the activities required to design and deliver services that offer business value.

ITIL Service Operation

Learn how to deliver and manage stability in the live environment.

ITIL Service Strategy

Learn the significant impact that strategic decisions and Service Management have on your customer’s organization.

ITIL Service Transition

Learn the activities and processes required for successful deployment of new and changed services.

J2EE Design Patterns

Learn the best-practices, principles, and patterns used to design scalable and extensible Java EE applications.

Java Boot Camp

Learn how to develop Java applications quickly.

Java Certification Boot Camp

Exam Cram for Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer.

Java Development with IntelliJ

Learn how to use the IntelliJ IDE to write your Java applications via our IntelliJ training.

Java Development with NetBeans

Learn how to use the NetBeans IDE to write your Java applications via our NetBeans training.

Java EE Boot Camp

Learn the key components of Java EE required to build enterprise-class Java applications.

Java for C# Programmers

Translate your existing C# programming skills into Java programming skills.

Java for Non-Programmers

Learn to create basic programs with the Java programming language.

Java Performance Tuning Workshop

Learn how to apply Java Performance Tuning practices to YOUR application.

Java Persistence with Spring

Learn how to integrate JPA with the Spring framework.

Java Threaded Programming

Learn how to build high-performing multi-threaded Java applications.

Java Web Development Boot Camp

Learn the fundamentals of Java, HTML, and JSP development required to build Java Web Applications.

Java Web Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to Java web developers in a practical, coached setting.

JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST

Learn about the ways in which data is loaded in a web browser.

JBoss Performance Tuning

Learn how to get the most out of the JBoss Application Server and Java.

JBoss SEAM Boot Camp

Learn how to build web applications using JBoss SEAM.

JMS Training

Learn how to use the Java Messaging Systems and Message Driven Beans to build workflows.

jQuery Boot Camp

Learn JavaScript and jQuery in a single class.

JSP and Servlet Programming

Learn how to create basic web applications using JSPs and Servlets.

LAMP Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to PHP web developers in a practical, coached setting.

Machine Learning and Natural Language

Learn to implement ML techniques for natural language comprehension, sentiment analysis, topic discovery, etc.

Managing Agile Projects with Scrum and Lean

An in-depth exploration of Scrum and Lean through hands-on lab work.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is designed to help web developers grow into full stack developers.

Microsoft Azure Certification Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs necessary to pass the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification Exam

Migrating to Apache Lucene 5

Refresh your Lucene skills by learning the latest and greatest features of Lucene.

Migrating to Apache Struts 2

Learn how to migrate from Apache Struts 1.x to Apache Struts 2.x.

Mobile Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create next generation web sites.

Modern Java: The Good Parts

Use the most important features of Java 7 through 13.

Modern Javascript (ES6+)

Learn about the latest features of the Javascript language

Modern Web Development with Visual Studio Code

Rapidly get developers up to speed with VS Code.

MongoDB for Python Developers

Learn how to use MongoDB with Python.

Moving to the Cloud

Create an awareness level of knowledge across all roles in the software development organization to enable the communication and understanding required to effectively support, manage, migrate to AWS.

NgRx for Angular Developers

Give developers the knowledge and tools to integrate NgRx into practice.

Object Oriented Design Patterns

Learn how to create reusable OO solutions using design patterns via our Software Architecture Training.

Object Oriented Perl with Moose

Learn how to write Object Oriented Perl.

Object Oriented Refactoring

Learn how to make software more maintainable through refactoring.

OO Design and Modeling in an Agile World

Learn to use Agile for object-oriented design and modeling.

OOAD Programming Workshop

Learn key OO concepts and OOAD strategies in one course.

OOAD using UML Boot Camp

Learn object oriented concepts, analysis and design methodologies, and UML quickly.

OpenStack Administration

Learn how to build a open cloud with OpenStack.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment

Learn how to define and deploy an OpenStack Cloud Architecture.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment Workshop

Hands-on interaction with an OpenStack Cloud Architecture.

Perl Programming Boot Camp

Learn how to leverage Perl to write data processing applications.

PHP Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to run your own web server through LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Introduction).

Protractor for End-to-End Testing

Automate end-to-end testing using Protractor to test the applications overall behavior.

Python Boot Camp

Quickly transition from another object-oriented programming language to Python.

React Native

Teach React Native for building mobile applications.

Reactive Programming with RxJS

Build a Javascript application using RxJS and reactive programming principles.

Real-Time Ingestion & Processing Using Kafka & Spark

This course will provide the knowledge and skills needed to utilize Data Ingestion and Processing using Kafka and Spark Streaming.

Relay & GraphQL

Learn to use Relax with GraphQL in the context of React.


Learn how to build RESTful web services using Microsoft’s WebAPI.

Robotics Process Automation using UiPath

Gain real hands-on exposure to creating RPA bots, design effective RPA solutions, and automate repeated processes within their organization.

Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

Learn how to create robust web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails in condensed learning experience.


The course will enable the student to use advanced constructs such as subjects, handling and retrying on errors, and publishing events to the UI.

SAFe Scrum/XP for Teams

Enhance your Scrum learning with Lean thinking and software engineering practices.

Scala Using the Typelevel Stack

Build familiarity with the Typelevel stack and type class fundamentals.

Scalable Machine Learning

Understand and build end-to-end Scalable Machine Learning Pipelines for gaining actionable insights.


Learn to use Scrum-Kanban tools to improve work flow and agility.

Secure Coding in Java EE

Learn how to build secure and robust Java web-based and EJB applications.

Securing Java Web Services

Learn how to secure Java-based web services.

Securing Web Applications Using Spring Security

Learn how to secure a web application through the use of the Spring Security framework.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Prepare the student to incorporate the principles of SRE into their practice.

Spark Optimization

Learn best practices and techniques to optimize Spark Core and Spark SQL code.

Spring Framework Boot Camp

Learn the key components of the Spring Framework required to build enterprise-class web applications.

Spring in a Day Learning Spike

Learn how to do web application development with the Spring Framework.

Subversion Administration Training

Learn how to use subversion as your version control system.

Test Driven Development Learning Spike

Learn the essentials of Test Driven Development.

Test Driven Development with Scala

Learn how to effectively test Scala based applications.

Test-driven Development

Learn the iterative and quality-focused software development methodology of test-driven development.

Testing Angular with Jasmine

Learn how to effectively test Angular applications.

TSQL for the .Net Developer

Learn to use T-SQL for working with relational databases.

Unit Testing with JUnit

Learn how to create unit tests with JUnit.

User Experience - Research and Design

Teach the principles of user-centered design and the value of user experience.

User Stories Workshop

Learn how to create user stories as a means of tracking project requirements.

Using AJAX with JSF

Learn how to build Web 2.0 applications using JSF and AJAX (JSF and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) via our JSF training.


This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills on the WebGL platform.


This WebRTC course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to begin utilizing WebRTC to develop communication methods without 3rd parties or plugins.

What's New in Java EE 7

Learn the new and updated Java EE 7 APIs.

What’s New in C# 7

Get up-to-speed on modern C#.

Working With Ansible

The Ansible Fundamentals course provides students with basic understanding of Ansible as well as hands-on experience to enable its use in managing configuration environments.

Working with Apache Ant

Learn how to use Apache Ant as your automated build tool.

Working with Apache Maven

Learn how to use Apache Maven as your automated build tool.

Working with Big Data on Azure

Learn how to effective use Big Data technologies on the Azure cloud

Working With Chef

Learn how to write cookbooks for Chef.

Working With Continuous Integration

Learn how to adopt a continuous integration mindset to achieve better code quality.

Working with Deep Reinforcement Learning

This course will provide an introduction to deep reinforcement learning, what it is, how it works and how you can apply it to real-world problems.

Working with Design Patterns

Promote an in-depth understanding of design, and design patterns for software systems.

Working with ElasticSearch

Learn the ins-and-outs of working with ElasticSearch

Working with Flutter

Provide students with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to incorporate Flutter into their practice.

Working with Gatsby

Learn to deliver web-based solutions using Gatsby

Working with Git

Learn how to adopt and use Git to manage your source control.

Working with GitLab

Utilize GitLab to manage the software development lifecycle.

Working with Java 8

Teaching the fundamentals of Java 8.

Working with Jenkins

Learn how to enable continuous integration with Jenkins.

Working with Kubernetes

Learn how to adopt and use Kubernetes

Working with Power BI

Provide in-depth understanding of Microsoft Power BI.

Working with R

Learn how to leverage R to perform data analytics.

Working With RabbitMQ

This course is designed to provide students with a solid introduction to RabbitMQ including web applications, administration and optimization.

Working with ReasonML

Utilize ReasonML when creating applications.

Working with Rust

This course will provide students with a working knowledge of the Rust programming language

Working with Selenium

Learn how to use Selenium.

Working with Spring and Hibernate Boot Camp

Learn the key components of the Spring and Hibernate required to build enterprise-class web applications.

Working with Spring Boot

Learn how to leverage Spring Boot to create stand-alone applications.

Working with Tableau

On-board quickly with Tableau and begin using it.

Working with the ELK Stack

Learn how to use the ELK stack.

Working with Web Components

Build web components that can be used across multiple browsers and web applications.

WS-Star with WCF

Learn how to build standards-compliant web services using Microsoft WCF.

XML Programming with Java

Learn how to create Java applications that read, manipulate, and write XML.

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