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Not every course is right for every role - system administrators don't usually need to code; developers don't always need to set up a network. Your teams will learn the most when taking courses that are customized specifically to their roles within the organization.

We're the only technical learning solutions company delivering completely customized learning experiences based on the people and the project. By customizing the learning experiences to fit our students' needs, they learn and retain more in less time, making it easier to adopt the new concepts back on the job.

At DevelopIntelligence, we know as a Web Developer, you're front-side, you're server-side, and sometimes you're even in the middle. Sometimes you right the "back-end" code, but you're drawn to the creative, visual side of software development. Like a software developer, you speak geek. But your geek speak probably contains hex values, CSS rules, and JavaScript.

The following is a list of our courses the Web Developer role.

Advanced AJAX

Build web pages that allow users to have a dynamic interaction experience.

Advanced Angular Development

Learn how to leverage Angular to its fullest potential.

Advanced CSS

Learn advanced techniques for writing stronger, more interactive code using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Advanced Groovy

Teach how to use Groovy in a Java environment.

Advanced GWT

Learn the advanced GWT concepts and development practices.

Advanced JavaScript

Learn how to build advanced web applications using JavaScript.

Advanced jQuery Development

Deepen your knowledge of jQuery.

Advanced Maven

Learn the low level details of apache Maven.

Advanced Node.js

Grow the Node.js skills of seasoned JavaScript developers.

Advanced Perl Programming

Learn the best practices when using Perl to write large scale programs.

Advanced PHP

Learn advanced web development concepts like OO and MVC in PHP.

Advanced Python

Become an expert at creating high-throughput, multithreaded, network oriented programs written in Python.

Advanced Routing in Vue.js with Vue-Router

Learn how to leverage the Vue Router

Advanced Ruby on Rails

Learn advance Ruby programming techniques, tips, and tricks.

Advanced TSQL

Learn Advanced Topics around TSQL.

Agile Programming Workshop

Learn how to adopt Agile within your organization.

Angular 4 Intensive

Learn all major parts of the Angular 4 framework.

Angular 7 Intensive

Leverage all of the newest parts of the Angular API and Framework.

Angular Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of building robust web applications using Angular.

AWS for Developers

Learn how to work with, configure, and deploy applications to AWS.

AWS for Developers Boot Camp

Learn AWS and prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Exam

Azure in a Day

Learn to build, deploy, and maintain applications in Azure Cloud


Grow your web development skills through incorporation of Backbone.js.

Behavior Driven Development using Ruby

Learn behavior driven development (BDD) techniques using Ruby.

C++ Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively to transition to C++ from another programming language.

Creating Responsive Layouts with Bootstrap

Learn to leverage Bootstrap to build responsive websites quickly.

DevOps Boot Camp

Learn the key concepts and tools used in a DevOps environment

Engineering Reactive Architecture Using Scala, Akka, Play

Teach Reactive Programming with Scala as a foundation.

Ext JS Development

Learn the Ext JS JavaScript framework, which is used to build web/mobile applications.

Fast Track to Akka with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Akka.

Fast Track to Play with Scala

Learn how to build web applications with Scala and Play.

Gradle Quick Start

Learn how to leverage Gradle as an automated build system.

Groovy and Grails Boot Camp

Learn the key components of the Groovy and Grails required to rapidly build a web application.

Hadoop Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of the Hadoop platform.

HTML5 in a Day

Learn key elements of HTML5 required to build mobile device-ready web sites.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate JavaScript

Learn Effective JavaScript concepts like design patterns, packaging, compression, debugging and testing.

Intermediate Python

Help new Python developers mature their programming knowledge.

Intermediate React & Flux

Learn to build apps using React.js and Flux

Introduction to AJAX

Build Web Pages that allow users to have an interactive experience with your Web Page.

Introduction to Akka Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Akka framework.

Introduction to Angular

Learn how to code single page applications with Angular.

Introduction to Apache Struts 2

Learn how to build web applications using Apache Struts 2.

Introduction to Apache Wicket

Learn how to adopt Apache Wicket.

Introduction to BigQuery

Empower developers to use Google's BigQuery to explore and gain insights from large datasets

Introduction to C++

Learn how to write stand-alone applications using C++.

Introduction to CSS

Learn how to create compelling websites by applying design techniques to HTML with simple CSS rules.

Introduction to DevOps

Learn the key concepts and components of a DevOps environment

Introduction to Dojo

Learn to use Dojo to build cross-platform applications.

Introduction to Elm

Teach developers to write programs in the Elm language.

Introduction to ES6

Teach the features of ES6, the newest version of JavaScript.

Introduction to Grails

Learn how to rapidly create web applications using the Grails framework.

Introduction to GraphQL

Learn how to use GraphQL with React

Introduction to Groovy

Learn how to use the Groovy Scripting Language.

Introduction to GWT

Learn how to build web applications using GWT.

Introduction to HTML

Learn how to build and edit simple web pages using HTML and CSS.

Introduction to HTML5

Learn to build web sites using HTML5.

Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming.

Introduction to jQuery

Learn how to use jQuery to build robust web applications.

Introduction to Lean Development

Learn how to move to the Lean process.

Introduction to Linux System Administration

Learn how to effectively administer your own Linux dev box.

Introduction to Mobile Application Design

Learn principles for designing effective user experiences across mobile web platforms.

Introduction to Node.js

Introduction to Node.js is designed to introduce developers to Node.js.

Introduction to OAuth 2

Learn how to build advanced web security with OAuth.

Introduction to Perl Programming

Learn to write programs using all the basic elements of Perl.

Introduction to PHP

Learn the fundamentals of PHP required to build a dynamic website via our PHP training.

Introduction to Play Framework

Learn how to quickly build web applications in Scala using the Play framework.

Introduction to Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

Introduction to Rails

Learn how to Develop Web Sites using the Ruby on Rails Framework.

Introduction to React

Learn to use the React.js library and JSX.

Introduction to Redis

Learn to use the NoSQL database Redis.

Introduction to Ruby

Learn how to program in Ruby.

Introduction to Scala

Learn how to adopt Scala to efficiently build multi-core processing applications.

Introduction to Swift

Learn the Swift programming language, which can be used to program iOS apps.

Introduction to Terraform

Express infrastructure across multiple teams within an enterprise using Terraform.

Introduction to TSQL

Learn the syntax and concepts of TSQL.

Introduction to TypeScript

Write elegant/scalable TypeScript code that will ultimately be compiled to JavaScript.

Introduction to Vue.js

Learn how to use Vue.js to build UIs

Introduction to WebLogic

Learn the fundamentals of working with, configuring, and administering WebLogic server.

Introduction to YUI

Learn how to leverage YUI to rapidly build rich interactive web apps.

Java Web Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to Java web developers in a practical, coached setting.

JavaScript Boot Camp

Learn how to program JavaScript in this rapid and condensed learning experience.

jQuery Boot Camp

Learn JavaScript and jQuery in a single class.

LAMP Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to PHP web developers in a practical, coached setting.


Learn to use LESS to simplify the process of writing CSS documents.

Managing State in Vue.js with Vuex

Learn how to use Vuex to simplify state management in a Vue application.

Migrating to CSS3

Learn the new features of CSS3.

Migrating to HTML5

Learn how to update current web solutions to support and leverage HTML5.

Mobile Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create next generation web sites.

Moving to the Cloud

Create an awareness level of knowledge across all roles in the software development organization to enable the communication and understanding required to effectively support, manage, migrate to AWS.

Node.js Boot Camp

Learn the tools necessary to develop web applications that exchange data through RESTful APIs.

Object Oriented Design Patterns

Learn how to create reusable OO solutions using design patterns via our Software Architecture Training.

OOAD Programming Workshop

Learn key OO concepts and OOAD strategies in one course.

Perl Programming Boot Camp

Learn how to leverage Perl to write data processing applications.

PHP Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to run your own web server through LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Introduction).

React Native

Teach React Native for building mobile applications.

Relay & GraphQL

Learn to use Relax with GraphQL in the context of React.

Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

Learn how to create robust web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails in condensed learning experience.

Test-driven Development

Learn the iterative and quality-focused software development methodology of test-driven development.

Testing JavaScript with Jasmine

Learn how to write BDD JavaScript using Jasmine.

TSQL for the .Net Developer

Learn to use T-SQL for working with relational databases.

User Experience - Research and Design

Teach the principles of user-centered design and the value of user experience.

Vue.js Boot Camp

Learn all aspects of developing applications with the Vue.js framework

Web Development Boot Camp

Learn the fundamentals of web development quickly.

Working With Continuous Integration

Learn how to adopt a continuous integration mindset to achieve better code quality.

Working with Git

Learn how to adopt and use Git to manage your source control.

Working with Java 8

Teaching the fundamentals of Java 8.

Working with Jenkins

Learn how to enable continuous integration with Jenkins.

Working with Selenium

Learn how to use Selenium.

Working with Spring Boot

Learn how to leverage Spring Boot to create stand-alone applications.

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