DevelopIntelligence is the only technical training company that delivers completely customized courses based on the project and the people. By customizing the learning experiences exactly to your needs, you'll learn and retain more in less time, making it easier to adopt the new concepts back on the job.

The following is a list of our courses for people with an Advanced skill level. At DevelopIntelligence, Advanced courses are for people who have been working within the technology area for 4+ years.

Advanced AJAX

Build web pages that allow users to have a dynamic interaction experience.

Advanced Angular Development

Learn how to leverage Angular to its fullest potential.

Advanced CSS

Learn advanced techniques for writing stronger, more interactive code using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Advanced Design Patterns for Embedded Systems

Bring developers up to speed on utilizing design patterns in an embedded system environment

Advanced GWT

Learn the advanced GWT concepts and development practices.

Advanced Hibernate

Learn how to effectively use and optimize Hibernate.

Advanced Java Swing Programming

Learn how to create custom, reusable, GUI Swing components.

Advanced JavaScript

Learn how to build advanced web applications using JavaScript.

Advanced JPA Programming

Learn the knowledge and skills required for developers to use JPA to its fullest.

Advanced jQuery Development

Deepen your knowledge of jQuery.

Advanced JSF

Learn how to build reusable custom JSF components.

Advanced Machine Learning

Expand upon topics covered in the introductory course and learn advanced techniques for managing data and tuning models.

Advanced Maven

Learn the low level details of apache Maven.

Advanced Node.js

Grow the Node.js skills of seasoned JavaScript developers.

Advanced Python

Become an expert at creating high-throughput, multithreaded, network oriented programs written in Python.

Advanced TSQL

Learn Advanced Topics around TSQL.

Behavior Driven Development using Ruby

Learn behavior driven development (BDD) techniques using Ruby.

Concurrent .NET

Learn how to take advantage of the multiple cores found in modern processors by working with the variety of options for parallel execution in .NET.

Creating Responsive Layouts with Bootstrap

Learn to leverage Bootstrap to build responsive websites quickly.

Developing Applications using java.nio

Learn how to create high-throughput Input-Output (IO) oriented applications using Java.nio, the New Input-Output Application Programming Interface (NIO API).

Domain Driven Design Workshop

Learn how to model software using the Domain Driven Design paradigm.

Effective Java EE Development

Learn how to architect and design enterprise-class Java EE applications.

Effective Web Application Development with Java

Learn the software architecture principles, web application development best practices, and common design patterns used to structure and build web applications for extensibility and scalability.

Glassfish Performance Tuning

Learn how to get the most out of the Glassfish Application Server and Java.

Introduction to Gemfire

Learn to use Gemfire in high performance systems in order to facilitate fast access to data.

Introduction to Java Performance Tuning

Tune a Java application to address system performance issues and crashes.

Introduction to Software Architecture

Learn the discipline, responsibilities and practices of a software architect.

J2EE Design Patterns

Learn the best-practices, principles, and patterns used to design scalable and extensible Java EE applications.

Java Performance Tuning Workshop

Learn how to apply Java Performance Tuning practices to YOUR application.

Java Threaded Programming

Learn how to build high-performing multi-threaded Java applications.

JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST

Learn about the ways in which data is loaded in a web browser.

JBoss Performance Tuning

Learn how to get the most out of the JBoss Application Server and Java.


Learn to use LESS to simplify the process of writing CSS documents.

Multi-Core Programming with C++

To create a baseline level of experience with multi-core programming

Reactive Programming with RxJS

Build a Javascript application using RxJS and reactive programming principles.

Scala Using the Typelevel Stack

Build familiarity with the Typelevel stack and type class fundamentals.

Scala Using the Typelevel Stack

Build familiarity with the Typelevel stack and type class fundamentals.

Secure Coding in Java EE

Learn how to build secure and robust Java web-based and EJB applications.

Securing Java Web Services

Learn how to secure Java-based web services.

Spark Optimization

Learn best practices and techniques to optimize Spark Core and Spark SQL code.

Spring in a Day Learning Spike

Learn how to do web application development with the Spring Framework.

Using AJAX with JSF

Learn how to build Web 2.0 applications using JSF and AJAX (JSF and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) via our JSF training.

What's New in Java EE 7

Learn the new and updated Java EE 7 APIs.

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