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DevelopIntelligence specializes in delivering highly-customized, dedicated, role-based Software Engineering Training courses to technical teams and organizations.

We hate to admit this... But, the DevelopIntelligence team has been developing software and training people how to write software since the 80s.

Like most developers, we've hand our hands dirtied by many languages (Assembler, Perl, C, C++, Small Talk, Python, VB, Java, COBOL, and JavaScript, just to name a few). We've developed everything from embedded systems to shrink-wrapped commercial products to software-as-a-service applications.

Writing good software is hard. Managing the software life cycle is even harder. With our software engineering training, we'll share what we've learned from our mistakes so that you don't have to make the same ones.

If you can't find the Software Engineering Training course you're looking for, contact us and we'll design it just for you.

UML Training

Advanced UML

Learn all of the UML diagrams in the UML 2.5 specification via our Advanced UML course.

Introduction to UML

Learn how to use development oriented UML Diagrams (Unified Modeling Language Diagrams).

Agile Training

Agile Engineering Boot Camp

Learn how to effectively integrate today’s best software development practices.

Agile for Executives

Learn how adopting Agile impacts your organization.

Agile Project Estimation

Learn how to effectively estimate for Agile projects.

Agile Testing

An intensive exploration of Agile Testing roles and techniques.

Business Analysis With Agile

Learn how to effective capture business requirements for an Agile project.

Certified Agile Developer

Learn how to use Agile to develop software.

Certified Agile Practitioner

Become certified in Agile project management.

Certified Agile Practitioner and Agile Developer Certification

Become a Certified Scrum Practitioner and Certified Scrum Developer with hands-on experience.

Certified Agile Product Owner

Become a certified and successful Product Owner through in-depth study of Agile, Scrum, and Lean concepts.

Introduction to Agile Development

Learn how Agile Development can improve the process of writing software.

Introduction to eXtreme Programming (XP)

Learn how to successfully implement XP methodology in your organization.

Introduction to Kanban

Learn how to use Kanban to enhance and improve your project management.

Introduction to Lean Development

Learn how to move to the Lean process.

JIRA Learning Spike

Teach the essentials of Atlassian Jira

Leading the Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework™

Learn to use SAFe effectively in enterprise Agile transformation.

Managing Agile Projects with Scrum and Lean

An in-depth exploration of Scrum and Lean through hands-on lab work.

SAFe Scrum/XP for Teams

Enhance your Scrum learning with Lean thinking and software engineering practices.

Scrum Team Training

Learn how to train your team to effectively implement Scrum.


Learn to use Scrum-Kanban tools to improve work flow and agility.

Test-driven Development

Learn the iterative and quality-focused software development methodology of test-driven development.

User Stories Workshop

Learn how to create user stories as a means of tracking project requirements.

Working With Continuous Integration

Learn how to adopt a continuous integration mindset to achieve better code quality.

Writing User Stories

Learn how to effectively create user stories.

Boot Camps

Agile Programming Workshop

Learn how to adopt Agile within your organization.

BDD Learning Spike

Equip developers with the core principles, techniques, essential tools, and the necessary roles and responsibilities used in BDD.

Introduction to BDD

Equip developers with the skills and concepts necessary to use BDD in their software development.

Object Oriented Programming Language for Managers

Learn how Object Oriented Programming (OO Programming) effects business.

OOAD using UML Boot Camp

Learn object oriented concepts, analysis and design methodologies, and UML quickly.

Test Driven Development Learning Spike

Learn the essentials of Test Driven Development.

Software Architecture Training

Domain Driven Design Workshop

Learn how to model software using the Domain Driven Design paradigm.

Introduction to Software Architecture

Learn the discipline, responsibilities and practices of a software architect.

OOAD Training

Introduction to OO Programming

Learn the key Object Oriented Concepts (OO Concepts) required to build an OO system.

Introduction to OOAD

Learn different Object Oriented Analysis and Design strategies (OOAD strategies) to architect and build object oriented systems.

OO Design and Modeling in an Agile World

Learn to use Agile for object-oriented design and modeling.

OOAD Programming Workshop

Learn key OO concepts and OOAD strategies in one course.

Development Tools Training

Java Development with IntelliJ

Learn how to use the IntelliJ IDE to write your Java applications via our IntelliJ training.

Java Development with NetBeans

Learn how to use the NetBeans IDE to write your Java applications via our NetBeans training.

Design Patterns Training

Object Oriented Design Patterns

Learn how to create reusable OO solutions using design patterns via our Software Architecture Training.

Object Oriented Refactoring

Learn how to make software more maintainable through refactoring.

User Experience - Research and Design

Teach the principles of user-centered design and the value of user experience.

Working with Design Patterns

Promote an in-depth understanding of design, and design patterns for software systems.

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