User Stories Workshop

The User Stories Workshop training course explores creating user stories as a means of tracking project requirements.

Far different from creating large documents to capture all requirements up front, moving to creating user stories may seem overwhelming and intimidating. In this course, you will learn how to create user stories, decompose user stories, groom the product backlog, and estimate using relative sizing.

This course is about 50% lecture and 50% discussion/hands-on exercises. Experience working on Agile teams or prior Agile training is recommended prior to attending this course.

Course Summary

Learn how to create user stories as a means of tracking project requirements.
Software developers needing to write user stories.
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Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
2 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Understand what the inputs are for user stories
  • Learn how to properly document user stories
  • Grasp how to decompose and aggregate stories as needed
  • Learn about grooming the product backlog
  • Understand relative sizing as a method for estimating

What You'll Learn

In the User Stories Workshop training course you’ll learn:

  • User Stories
    • Requirements and the Product Backlog
    • Epics, Features and Release Planning
    • Building a Solid Product Backlog from Release Planning Stories
    • Creating a User Story Template
    • I.N.V.E.S.T in Good User Stories
    • Handling Non-Functional Requirements
    • Just Enough Elaboration
    • Conducting a Story-Writing Workshop
    • Roles and Personas
    • Creating Acceptance Criteria / Defining “Done”
    • Story Aggregation and Decomposition
    • Spikes and Special Stories
  • Grooming The Backlog
    • Prioritization
    • Looking Ahead
    • Groom Continually
    • Value Assessment
    • Risk-Based Prioritization
  • Estimation Basics
    • Estimates vs. Commitment
    • Relative Sizing
    • Planning Poker
    • Sizing the Product Backlog

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