Working With Continuous Integration

Introduction Continuous Integration

The Working With Continuous Integration training course provides the learning and hands-on experience required to jump start a software development team’s adoption of continuous integration. Using a project-centric blended learning model, the students will examine common testing strategies, learn the fundamental concepts of continuous integration, set up a continuous integration environment, and incorporate continuous integration into their project’s SCM (Source Code Management) environment.

The Working With Continuous Integration can be delivered using Hudson, Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo.

If you need help setting up a CI environment, consider extending this course with two days of expert-led consulting.

Course Summary

Learn how to adopt a continuous integration mindset to achieve better code quality.
Software developers looking to adopt and setup a CI environment.
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Workshops are instructor-led lab-intensives focused on the practical application of technologies through the facilitation of a project-related lab. Workshops are just the opposite of Seminars. They deliver the highest level of knowledge transfer of any format. Think wide (breadth) and deep (depth).

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3 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Describe the importance and value of continuous integration
  • Set up a CI environment to support automated builds and testing
  • Describe the importance and strategies for implementing a continuous testing environment
  • Identify which tools are best suited for your environment

What You'll Learn

In the Working With Continuous Integration training course, you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
    • What Is CI?
    • Why CI?
    • CI Philosophy
    • Advantages of CI Within Software Development
  • How to Implement CI
    • Setting Up a CI Environment
    • CI Tools
    • Automated Builds
    • Automated Tests
    • Committing Code
  • Creating a Full-featured CI Environment
    • Components of a Full-featured Environment
    • Requirements of a CI Environment
    • Organizational Impact and Buy-in
    • Developer Philosophy
  • DB Integration
    • Automated DB Integration
    • Continuous DB Integration
  • Continuous Testing
    • Automated Unit, Integration, System and Functional Tests
    • Writing Tests for Defects
    • Integration of Automated Testing With CI
  • Continuous Quality
    • Code Inspection vs. Code Testing
    • Automated Code Analysis
    • Code Analysis Tools
  • Continuous Deployment
    • Philosophy
    • Release and Labeling Strategies
  • Continuous Improvement
    • The Feedback Loop
    • The Metrics Loop
    • The Improvement Cycle
  • Best Practices
    • Best of Breed Tools
    • Best Practices for Quality Software
    • Best Practices for CI
  • Rolling Out CI Within Your Organization
    • Defining and Measuring Metrics and Reporting
    • Defining Proper Metrics
    • Measuring and Reporting
    • Implementing a Change Strategy to Achieve Desired Metrics

Meet Your Instructor

picture of Kelby Z
Kelby Zorgdrager

Kelby Zorgdrager’s expertise in Java, Open Source, and software development have allowed him to be a guest speaker at JavaOne, Java University, Comdex, IEEE Software Conference, and the Colorado Software Summit.

Kelby has also served as a guest author for both IBM and Sun/Oracle’s developer sites. Furthering his passion to help people learn, Kelby served as a technical editor for the bestselling book, Advanced Java: How to Program,...

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Daniel has been a self-employed developer, teacher and speaker for private businesses, education and government entities since 1999. Daniel also actively teaches programming for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education.

Daniel is a Pomodoro Technique practitioner, and co-founder of the Albuquerque Java User’s Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he’s not supporting other local Java developers, Daniel spends most of his waking hours developing in and around the Java ecosystem, encompassing...

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