Angular 8 Intensive

The Angular 8 Intensive training course covers the Angular platform from versions 2 to 8. It teaches all major components, syntax, and tooling of the Angular web application framework. This course starts with an introduction of Angular , NPM, and TypeScript and then it dives into component-driven development with Angular components, and how to use directives and services. Data binding (both 1 and 2 way) is discussed in the context of the new directive API. Finally, the core parts of app development are covered in the context of Angular. This includes HTTP, routing, form validation, and unit testing. The Angular Intensive training course also covers data architecture options for Angular, including how to make it work with Flux. The Angular course will leave developer teams with a thoroughly explored set of tools, patterns, and core Angular syntax.

Course Summary

Leverage all of the newest parts of the Angular API and Framework.
Front-end and Angular developers needing to learn the newest part of this powerful framework.
Skill Level: 
Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
5 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Utilize the Angular core constructs to build Single Page Applications. 

  • Differentiate between major Angular versions and different functionality. 

  • Install necessary modules correctly using NPM.

  • Write applications in ES6 and TypeScript to be transferred to browser-supported JavaScript. 

  • Unit test and E2E all parts of the new application.

  • Build Template and Module-driven forms. 

  • Utilize Pipes and built-in data formatting tools. 

  • Setup routing and URLs.

  • Animate applications with basic built-in applications. 

  • Run commands to setup Angular using the Angular CLI. 

  • Execute CRUD commands on REST APIs over Http.

  • Consume REST services.

What You'll Learn

In the Angular 8 Intensive training course you’ll learn:

  • Angular intro 

    • Why Angular?

    • 1 vs. 2 vs. 8 versioning

    • Development Setup using NPM vs. yarn Testing tools overview

    • Installing/updating packages 

  • Angular CLI

    • Installation 

    • Commands 

    • Creating apps

    • Generating components, modules, services 

    • Running Tests

  • TypeScript and ES6 

    • TypeScript Syntax 

    • TypeScript Type System 

    • ES6 Arrow functions 

    • ES6 Template Strings `

    • ES6 Let/Const 

  • Structural Directives

    • ngIf & ngFor 

    • ngSwitch

  • Components 

    • Decorators 

    • Templating Syntax 

    • Data Binding 

    • Directives 

    • Input/Output 

    • Events

    • Component Communication

    • Pipes 

    • Scoped CSS

    • Class.x and style.x bindings 

  • Forms

    • Model driven vs. Template Driven forms 

    • FormGroup

    • FormControl 

    • Validation 

    • Custom Validators

  • HTTP Data

    • Importing HttpClientModule 

    • Async REST API Requests

    • Using Http to Update or Delete data on the server 

    • Using .map, .catch. And toPromise

  • Pipes

    • Intro to pipes 

    • Built-in pipes 

    • Piping examples

  • Routing 

    • Route Guards 

    • Child Routes 

    • Lazy Loading 

    • Wildcard Routes

    • Route Parameters 

    • Query Parameters 

  • Testing and Deploying to Production

    • Jasmine testing (Unit Testing) 

    • Testing with dependencies 

    • Testing templates

    • Testing routed components 

    • E2E Testing

    • Mocking HTTP Responses 

  • Deploying to Production

    • Using the CLI

  • What’s new in Angular 8

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