Journey to the Cloud Has Direct Business Impact

The best learning is a journey. It’s a process, never a one and done event, especially when the subject matter involves emerging technology. Cloud technology, for instance, is still relatively new and continues to evolve. There are no definitive pathways governing its use or how it should be taught.

11 Week Journey

In a customized cloud learning journey, four classes take about 11 weeks to complete. Most classes are 2-3 days long, and employees get a few weeks to break between them to apply what they’ve learned on the job.

600 Engineers

Some 600 company employees will take this learning journey, which began in late 2016 and continued through mid-2018, and the time in between classes is just as important as the learning itself.

SME Integration

A subject matter expert should work with the instructor to design program curriculum to meet the organization’s particular objectives and needs.

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