Christopher is an eclectic mix of technologist and artist, with 25 years
consulting experience in software architecture, business process reengineering,
leadership and project management for some of America’s
largest corporations.

He has worked in pharmaceuticals, entertainment,
insurance, finance, health-care, fashion and aerospace, as well as consulting for
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on both a massive-scale data
warehouse, as well as the largest laser ever built on our planet.
He has worked in over 20 languages and technologies, starting with some of
the very first web applications, working through the heyday of client-server and
the evolution of distributed-computing, up to today’s ubiquitous SOA
platforms. Currently enamored with mobile development, Objective-C and
Swift have caught his interest to the point of having several apps deployed in
the App Store.

A passionate educator, he has taught and lectured everything from computer
programming to filmmaking, swordfighting to seahorse husbandry.
Christopher is also an award-winning writer, director and sound-designer, and
is always looking for new ways to enhance the education experience through
the use of storytelling techniques

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