Michael is a practicing software developer, course developer, and trainer with DevelopIntelligence. For the majority of his career, Michael has designed and implemented large-scale, enterprise-grade, Java-based applications at major telecommunications and Internet companies, such as Level3 Communications, US West/Qwest/Century Link, Orbitz, and others.

Michael has a passion for learning new technologies, patterns, and paradigms (or, he has a tendency to get bored or disappointed with current ones). Michael is constantly innovating, searching, and embracing “the next thing” on a variety of development and architecture positions. These experiences, combined with his training and elementary school teaching background, make him a practicing software developer with architecture experience, who can deliver training on the theory and practice of a wide range of technologies and architectures.

In his off-time, Michael and his wife like to travel the world, to places like Akumal, Mexico, enjoying diving, snorkeling, general relaxation and suntanning.

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