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About Boston

The capital of Massachusetts, Boston is the largest city within the New England states. Many of the key events of the American revolution occurred within its boundaries. Of these events, the Boston Tea Party is perhaps the one of most renown.

Fun facts

Boston is a city full of history, and with that comes some interesting greater- and lesser-known fun facts. For instance, it's somewhat common knowledge that the city was named after its counterpart in England. Something that many individuals probably do not know, however, is that the first-ever lighthouse built in America was built on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor in 1716.

Annual events

Every April, both local runners and those from around the world, take part in the Boston Marathon. The event begins at Copley Square near the Doughboy Statue and ends at Boylston Street, in front of the Boston Public Library. In July, make way to the street parties celebrating Bastile Day.

Things to do

Boston is home to the legendary baseball team, the Boston Redsox. Locals and visitors alike enjoy taking in a baseball game at Fenway Park with good old fashioned game grub. Take a step back in history by visiting the famed actual home of the Revolutionary War hero, Paul Revere House.

Places to eat

Unbeknownst to many, the Fig Newton was actually named after a suburb of this city, Newton, Massachusetts. For those hungrier than what a fig cookie can satisfy, there is an abundance of cuisines to choose from in the downtown Boston area, depending on what the palate desires, such as U Burger. Patrons create their own burger concoctions and then it is cooked to order. Area Four is perfect for those who like a 3-course meal, but want it laid-back. The décor (long tables; wide, sweeping window views, etc) of Area Four is quite conducive to the dinner/office meeting, outside of the office.

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