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About San Francisco, California

Named after Saint Francis of Assisi and founded in 1776 by Spanish colonists, San Francisco is the smallest city-county in the state, but also the most densely populated, coming in 2nd behind New York City as the most densely populated city in the nation. Nicknamed the City by the Bay and famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, this city ranks high on the World Livability Rankings chart.

Fun Facts about San Francisco

There are several quirky items regarding San Francisco that, if not a native, are simply not common knowledge. The rolling hills of the city have been popularized in movies, but the actual degree of grade of Filbert Street is a mind-boggling 31.5. Interestingly, during the nation's Great Depression, none of the San Francisco-based banking institutions failed. In fact, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge were both constructed during this time.

Annual Events in San Francisco

At the beginning of May each year, San Francisco hosts an event known as the How Weird Street Faire. Vendors from around the world peddle cool finds, and exotic food aromas entice the senses. Every Saturday and Sunday in September offers a relaxing Shakespearian atmosphere at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. Arriving early helps to assure good seating. All shows start at 1:30 p.m.

Things to Do in San Francisco

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a modern art-deco treasure to behold. Fisherman's Wharf offers walking trails, museums, fishing, and other things to do and see. AT&T Park is home to the San Francisco Giants baseball franchise. Chinatown is a great place to people-watch. There are also a number of fantastic places to dine and shop. Finally, the infamous prison, Alcatraz, is located here. Built in 1847, this once-prison housed some of the nation's most heinous criminals.

Places to Eat in San Francisco

When the day's exploration has come to a close, try The Waterfront Restaurant & Café.

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