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Python Boot Camp
Quickly transition from another object-oriented programming language to Python.

The Python Boot Camp training course is an intensive program created to rapidly migrate existing object-oriented programmers into functionally productive Python programmers.

The Python boot camp is a comprehensive course covering the majority of topics in our Introduction to PythonIntermediate Python, and Advanced Python courses. If you are looking for in-depth coverage in a specific topic area, consider taking the traditional course, or contact us to customize the course to fit your specific needs.

The Python boot camp training course is typically delivered in 45 hours over five days.

This course will be delivered in 5 Days

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

The Python Boot Camp covers many of the topics found in the following courses:

Introduction to Python

In the Python Boot Camp training course, you’ll learn:

  • What is Python?
    • What is Python?
    • Why use Python?
    • Comparing Python to other programming Languages
  • Python Development
    • Downloading and installing Python
    • Working with command line tools (CLI)
    • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Getting Started with Python – The Basics
    • Core Python syntax
    • Syntax: code blocks, colons
    • Controls: if, elif, and else
    • Variables, scope, global
    • Loops (for, while, range operator)
    • Dynamic typing
    • Module support: import, reload, namespaces, etc
    • Reading/writing (stdin, stdout)
    • Function design (protocols, argument naming, default values, *arg, and **kwargs)
  • Python Types
    • Sequence types: string, tuple, list, set
    • List comprehensions
    • Dictionaries, dictionary comprehensions
    • Scope issues
  • Exception Handling with Python
    • What is an exception?
    • Error types: index, name, type, syntax, value, etc
    • Exception handling concepts
    • try/except, else, finally
  • Developer Modules
    • Command line parsing: argparse
    • System management: os, sys, subprocess
    • File I/O and file management: shutil, tempfile, glob
  • Modularizing Custom Python Applications
    • Packages and modules
    • Building a module
    • Packaging a module for reuse
  • Strings and Regular Expressions
    • More on Strings, String interpolation, operations, etc
    • Using StringIO
    • Regular expression syntax and Module (re)
    • Search and replace
    • Compiling regular expression patterns
    • Regular expressions and input file parsing
  • Object-oriented Programming with Python
    • OO concepts supported by Python
    • Creating classes, properties, methods, attributes, etc
    • Applying encapsulation using method access, visibility, and conventions

Intermediate Python

In the Python Boot Camp training course, you’ll learn:

  • Python Syntax Review
    • Review basic Python syntax
    • Datatypes overview (list, dict, tuple, set, string)
  • Advanced Data Types and Functional Programming
    • Datatypes: namedtuple, defaultdict, ordereddict, deque, etc
    • Functional programming: map/filter/reduce, lambda, list.sort, operator modules
    • Functional closures and decorators
  • Generators and Iterators
    • List comprehensions, generator expressions, and generator functions
    • Iteration: iter(), iter, next(), itertools, chain, groupby, etc
    • Understanding the yield statement
  • Context Managers
    • What is a context manager
    • The ‘with’ statement
    • Working with a context manager: contextlib.closing, enter and exit
    • Using contextlib.contextmanager
  • Testing Python
    • Review of key testing concepts: unit, functional, integration, etc.
    • Overview of test-driven development concepts
    • Writing tests unit test with a test-first approach
    • Unit testing with the unittest module
    • Creating test suites with nosetests as a test collector
    • Performing simple code coverage analysis with coverage
  • Introducing Logging
    • Importance of logging
    • Basic logging concepts within Python
    • Using basicConfig to set up loggers, handlers, formatters
    • Using fileConfig for more complex logger configurations
  • NumPy/SciPy (Numerical and Computational Processing)
    • Open-source modules to Python for common mathematical and numerical routines
    • Demonstration of common pre-compiled and fast functions (use cases)
    • Vector and matrix mathematics
    • Special functions in SciPy related to vectorization (vq, weave)
  • Pandas and Data Integration
    • Data frames
    • Aggregation and grouping of data
    • Reshaping, transforming, and cleaning of data
    • Scraping data: web API, parsing html and XML, JSON (encoder/decoder)
  • Python Multithreading and Multiprocessing
    • Process class and using the multiprocessing module
    • Synchronization between processes
    • Exchanging objects between processes: pipes, queues, and circular buffers
    • Sharing state between processes (shared memory and server process)
    • Python Semaphores and Mutex
    • Synchronization events
  • Network Programming
    • Review of network programming concepts and protocol layers
    • Network programming support within Python
    • Fetching web resources with urllib/urllib2
    • Sending email with smtplib
    • Creating client-server like applications using sockets
    • Creating a simple JSON-REST client
  • Introduction to Web application development with Django

Advanced Python

In the Python Boot Camp training course, you’ll learn:

  • Review Key Intermediate Python Concepts
  • Advanced Python Syntax
    • Generators, decorators, coroutines
    • Processing pipelines
    • Event streams
  • Packaging and Multitasking
    • Packaging using Setuptools / Distribute and PyPI
    • Virtualenv
  • Python Database API to External Databases and Web
    • Acquiring Python database connection and setup
    • Integration example: using Python with MySQL Database
    • Integration example: MongoDB and PyMongo
    • Bottle: Python Web Framework
    • Web application development with Django
  • Network Programming
    • Socket Programming
    • Web programming: urllib and WSGI
    • Email handling
    • HTML and XML Parsing
  • Distributed Python
    • dispy framework for parallel & distributed computations
    • asyncoro framework for communication and cooperation among distributed tasks

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