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Working With Chef
Learn how to write cookbooks for Chef.

The Working With Chef training course explores Cookbook development for Chef.

The Working With Chef course begins with a quick review of both Ruby and Chef concepts. It then transitions into an examination of building Chef Cookbooks, beginning simply, then moving into more complex concepts and examples.

The Writing Chef Cookbooks training course concludes with an examination and review of client-specific and client-created Cookbooks.

After this course, you will be able to:

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the advantages of using Cookbooks with Chef
  • Write a simple Cookbook
  • Create a Cookbook to manage a Hadoop cluster
  • Identify processes / procedures during the build / deploy process that are good Cookbook candidates
  • Apply common best practices to Cookbook development

This course will be delivered in 3 Days

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

In the Working With Chef training course, you’ll learn:

  • Ruby Primer (enough to understand reading Chef code)
    • Basic Syntax
    • Data structures used in Chef
    • Hash
    • Array
    • Blocks
  • Chef Refresher
    • What Chef provides
    • Cookbooks
  • Local Chef Cookbook Development
    • Vagrant
  • Running chef
    • Chef Server/Client
    • Chef Solo
  • Building a Basic Cookbook
    • Parts of a Cookbook
    • Recipes
    • Attributes
    • Templates / Files
    • Example: NTP
    • Example: Resolv

  • Building a more Complicated Cookbook
    • Chef node customization
    • Environments
    • Roles
    • Nodes
    • Data Bags (Encrypted+)
    • Using other Chef resources
    • Using multiple cookbooks together
    • Dependency management
    • Cookbook Metadata
  • Cookbook Patterns and Practices
    • Application vs Library Cookbooks
    • Resources best practices
  • Using Chef to manage a Hadoop cluster
  • Building Custom Resources
    • Libraries / Definitions
    • LightWeight Resource Providers
  • Review of MCOM Cookbooks
  • Q/A
Introduction to Ruby
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