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Introduction to Software Architecture
Learn the discipline, responsibilities and practices of a software architect.

The Introduction to Software Architecture training course provides experienced software developers the skills and knowledge required to transition into a software leadership role as an architect. The term software architect typically describes a role within a software development organization. Software architecture describes the design and interworkings of a system. In order to for software architects to define a software architecture, architecture best-practices and principles are incorporating during the system design and alaysis process.

The Introduction to Software Architecture course examines the roles and responsibilities of a software architect, common elements, artifacts, of a good software architecture, and common processes and procedures architects go through when defining a software architecture. The course is structured in a workshop format where teams work together to define the software architecture for a Web 2.0 application.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of a software architect
  • Function as a software architect through a software architecture design effort
  • Describe the software architecture process
  • Understanding the components of a good software architecture
  • Describe the differences between software design versus software architecture
  • Use common tools to help you design a software architecture
  • Measure and validate a software architecture
  • Determine how to mitigating change within an architecture
This course will be delivered in 4 Days

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

In the Introduction to Software Architecture training course you’ll learn:
Day One – Introduction to Software Architecture

  • Introduction to Software Architecture
    • What is Software Architecture
    • Role of Software Architecture in Software Engineering Process
    • Role of Software Architecture in a Software Development Organization
    • Defining Software Architecture within your organization
  • Role of the Software Architect
    • Becoming a Software Architect
    • Leading the software design effort
    • Communicating with business stakeholders and project managers
  • The software architecture process
    • Defining a software architecture process for your team
    • Understanding the components of a good software architecture
    • Design versus Architecture

Day Two – Fundamentals of Software Architecture

  • Fundamentals of Software Architecture
    • Fundamental Architectural Concepts
    • Systemic Architectural Qualities
    • Software Architecture Process and Principles
    • Migrating from Single-Tier to N-Tiered solutions
    • Understanding implications of multi-tiered solutions

Day Three – Designing a Tiered Solution

  • Designing a Tiered Solution
    • Top-down versus bottom-up architecture
    • Architecting the client tier
    • Architecting the web tier
    • Architecting a business tier
    • Architecting an enterprise information and legacy tier

Day Four – Designing a Tiered Solution (cont.)

  • Designing a Tiered Solution (cont.)
    • Developing a Security Architecture
    • Evaluating a Software Architecture
    • Measuring a Software Architecture
    • Moving from architecture to code
  • Using tools to help you design your software architecture
    • Measuring and validating your software architecture
    • Mitigating change within your architecture
    • Migrating to an enterprise architecture

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