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Introduction to React
Learn to use the React.js library and JSX.

The Introduction to React training course teaches existing Javascript developers how to successfully adopt the React.js user interface library.

The React.js training course begins with a quick review of the necessary JavaScript concepts required to work with React. Once the JS review is completed, the course moves into the examination of React by first looking at the motivations of using React compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks. With the foundation laid, the remaining portion of the course, explores the key concepts, components, architectures, and syntax used with React development.

The primary focus of the Introduction to React course is React components and JSX.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what React is and what problem it solves.
  • Explore the basic architecture of a React component.
  • Gain a deep knowledge of React.js components and JSX.
  • Learn React.js best practices.
This course will be delivered in 3 Days

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

In the Introduction to React training course you’ll learn:

  • JavaScript Review
    • Variables and functions
    • Objects, Prototypes, and inheritance
    • Events and event handlers
  • Introduction to React
    • React.js

      • What is it?

      • What problem does it solve?

    • Development Eco-System

    • React versus other frameworks
  • Key React components
    • Editor and Web Server

    • Browser Development Tools

    • Components
    • Virtual DOM
    • Dataflow
    • JSX
  • Your First React UI
    • Understanding the components
    • Building a Hello World Component

  • JSX

    • What is JSX?

    • Using JSX

    • Using React with JSX

    • Using React without JSX

    • Precompiled JSX with Babel

  • Working with Components

    • Component Life-Cycle

    • Properties and State

    • Virtual DOM

    • Events

    • Compositions

    • Reusable Components

  • Forms

    • Controlled Components

    • Uncontrolled Components

  • React Best Practices
  • Q/A

Intermediate JavaScript
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