Using Professional Development to Attract Talent

When acquiring and retaining technical talent, one global brand has a big challenge. For one thing, it’s a tough market. Particularly in the San Francisco Bay area, where the department store chain is located close to prominent tech companies like It needed a differentiator to stand out amidst organizations that can afford to give a software developer a 10 percent higher employment offer plus two years paid rent downtown.

26 Training Days

Topics focus on everything from front end web development, to mobile, Android/iOS and internal technology stacks.

6-7 Classes

The program has multiple domains including discovery, where the customer discovers the site’s capabilities; check out, which is about the customer’s shopping cart; and the marketing domain; where participants start to learn and do machine learning.

3-4 Days in Length Each

Some 8 to 15 people from each of our customer’s intern pools end up in two TechStars cohorts that begin around February and August each year and the company plays a keen role in ensuring the program is tailor-made to suit its needs.

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