Proven Ways to Retain Tech Talent

Training is like the Cinderella of the business world. It’s often ignored, neglected, and under-appreciated until something goes wrong. Even organizations that believe in its ability to promote workforce and business growth have wicked stepmother moments. Only it’s not glass slippers and trips to the ball that are lost, it’s budget and opportunities to retain key talent, boost performance and nurture innovation.

Multiple Locations

DevelopIntelligence runs technical training classes at this brand’s HQ in Palo Alto, CA, Boston, MA, Austin, TX and a number of remote campuses around the world, such as Sofia, Bulgaria, and Shanghai and Beijing in China.

Ongoing Assessments

By analyzing assessment data, the customer is able to identify what technologies have exhausted their usefulness, and which ones are coming down the pipeline and might be valuable for the business.

Every Few Months

Our customer polls its population every few months, but each year it conducts a large-scale needs assessment to ask technical talent questions like, “what technologies do you need in the next 3-6 months to work on upcoming projects, or for you to do your job?”

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