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Foster strategic alignment across your R&D and L&D teams through a Developer Academy

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Your technical training program isn’t working. Talent turnover is rising, morale is decreasing, and you have no idea if the training is even making a difference. Everyone is frustrated, and you don’t have time to figure out a solution. That’s where we come in.

Customized to meet your organization’s strategic technical goals, a DevelopIntelligence Developer Academy allows you to leverage your existing resources and increase your delivery efficiency. We manage all aspects of the learning program, from identification and design through delivery and follow-up. Your team learns what they need to know. Redundant and unnecessary training is reduced or eliminated. Your budget stays the same. Everybody wins.


  • Registration: We manage student registration for each course on the schedule
  • Course Management: Our team ensures courses are scheduled and staffed with an expert instructor, and relevant materials are onsite and ready for each course
  • Metrics and Reporting: Post-course surveys are only part of the picture on the effectiveness of training; we'll fill in the rest
  • Facilities: Classrooms are hard to find and manage; we'll help manage the operational logistics of training delivery, including reservation of your onsite facilities - just one less thing for you to worry about


We start out by identifying key infrastructure components, your organization’s key stakeholders and strategic goals, and the metrics necessary for a successful Developer Academy. Then, we survey your developers, assessing their current skills, identifying key immediate and long-term needs, finding skill gaps, and determining their learning preferences. 

After gathering all of the necessary data, we work with you to develop a business plan with budget requirements, strategic goals, and key performance indicators (KPI). Our expert team designs and develops a comprehensive, customized learning roadmap that incorporates a variety of learning modules and technologies structured around the budget and survey results.

Once your comprehensive and customized Developer Academy is created, we launch the program, manage it and measure the results, tweaking along the way as necessary for optimal refinement. 


  • L&D Leadership
  • Program manager
  • Training coordinators
  • Support staff


  • Internal Learning Council
  • External delivery partners
  • Experience partners

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