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A Diverse Range of Custom Content Projects

Not only do we provide world-class, instructor-led training on the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies, we will also work with you to create custom learning programs that enhance learner retention and increase productivity.

We can help your team with a wide variety of custom projects. Recent examples include:

  • Designed a learning journey around a specific topic that combines classroom training, virtual training, self-paced learning, and hands-on labs interwoven with company-specific examples and data
  • Developed an industry-respected certification exam designed to help developers reach a new level of expertise
  • Produce end-user, self-paced training on proprietary software to increase support revenues
  • Developed a new hire learning portal to simplify the onboarding process and increase time to productivity
  • Created an adaptive e-learning program on specific topics designed to ensure all developers have the same basic level of knowledge

A Few Client Examples

Explore some of the work we’ve done with our clients!

Developed End-User Training on an Organization’s Software

The Challenge:

A biosciences software company creates products for lab technicians, chemists, and manufacturing personnel in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Its products are critical to ensure optimal manufacturing processes, so end user adoption is required. The client’s existing training wasn’t meeting its goals, so we helped the training team refresh and update the content to improve retention.

The Solution:

Long modules were split into shorter, task-based topics, allowing the program to align to certification roles. Conceptual content was updated to add movement along with engaging graphics to make the learning more interesting for users. We also updated software screen captures to reflect new features and functions, and bring the content up to the current version. With this new set of training materials, the company was able to increase its software price and drive revenues.

Empower Employees with On-Demand Learning

The Challenge:

A global information management company identified a need to train its front-line support engineers in basic networking concepts. The goal was to ensure all newly hired engineers had the same level of knowledge and were troubleshooting client issues in the same way. In addition, the company recognized that each employee had a different experience level and wanted to acknowledge those skills with a program customized for every learner.

The Solution:

We created a learning program that included pre- and post-training assessments and short, targeted eLearning modules. The project started with an assessment of support engineers to understand where the knowledge gaps were and what information was most needed. With this information, we created a multi-module program that described a variety of networking concepts. Pre-training assessments allowed learners to test their knowledge before reviewing the eLearning modules. Those with a sufficient level of knowledge could move on to the next module. Those who needed more training were instructed to go through the appropriate eLearning topics. Post-training assessments tested knowledge transfer, allowing the organization to see how well new engineers absorbed the information.

Ensure Adherence to New Systems, Processes, or Supporting Products

The Challenge:

A financial services client invested in Agile software to support its software development process. The software was designed and configured to support milestones and allow for better reporting on work in process and any backlog. However, managers realized their teams were only using the software sporadically, and in many cases, they were not filling in the information correctly. The company wanted to provide training that would consistently teach every team member how to use the software. In addition, they wanted modules that team members could access as needed for refresher training.

The Solution:

We developed a series of short, task-based software tutorials to show team members where they were supposed to click and what they were supposed to enter in each field. The videos featured live screen captures so that viewers could see all the steps in action. On-screen prompts underscored important pieces of information.

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