Internal Open Enrollment

Maximize Your Investment in Technical Training

Do you have a limited budget per person or want to stretch your training dollars further? Internal open enrollment programs from DevelopIntelligence can maximize your technical training budget, providing more learning hours to more people with the same budget.

Increase Retention by Offering Continuous Learning Opportunities

When highly skilled technical workers aren’t given an opportunity to grow their skills, they begin to look elsewhere for employment. Increase retention by providing continuous learning and professional development opportunities to your developers and engineers.

Attract Talent by Offering Learning as a Benefit

In today’s highly competitive landscape for technical talent, using “Learning As A Benefit” is a successful and underused attraction tool. Having an internal open-enrollment program that offers continuous learning opportunities will give you an edge in the technical talent war.

Save Time by Letting Us Help You with Program Management & Logistics

Is your L&D team overworked, understaffed, and trying to keep their head above water? Do they want to focus on strategic initiatives but are swamped with program management and logistics? An Internal Open Enrollment Program, along with a dedicated program manager, from DevelopIntelligence saves L&D teams time by proactively scheduling training, taking care of logistics and other program management tasks. Are you managing Learning and Development for technical staff and want to provide more learning, increase retention, attract talent, and save time? Contact us today!

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