New Hire Development

Bring New Hires Up to Speed Quickly and Efficiently

As you know, hiring today is more expensive than ever. Qualified IT talent is hard to find, salaries and search/placement fees are on the rise, and the time it takes to recoup that investment has gone up.

Total hiring costs are measured from the onset of the search to the moment the new hire becomes independently productive. Over the years, companies have streamlined the hiring process to minimize the search costs, but little has been done to decrease the onboarding time for newly hired technology workers. On average, it takes 4-6 months for an IT new hire to become productive (also known as the “ramp time”). This impacts the total hiring expense 3-5 times more than the search costs.

Onboarding / New Hire Development Program

Our onboarding programs can help you cut down the time it takes to move developers from new hires to productive team members. What’s more, the programs reduce the negative impact on overall team productivity by eliminating the need for mentoring typically provided by senior team members.

Like yourself, companies typically have formal onboarding processes through human resources. However, due to the functional gap between HR and developers, it’s unusual for HR managers to understand developers’ unique learning needs. We fill this gap by designing appropriate learning solutions programs and helping your HR execute them effectively.

Onboarding / New Hire Programs

Reduce the time it takes for your newly hired technical staff to be a contributing team member – without burdening your senior engineering staff.

Program Success Story

As a large UK telecommunications company expanded into the US market, the hiring managers found it difficult to find candidates with the mix of telecom experience and software development experience needed to integrate their open source software solution.

At the time, the market offered highly experienced telecom engineers or highly experienced Java engineers – not both. As a result, the company found itself with a productivity problem. It took newly hired employees twice as long as expected to ramp-up, learn the product and the domain, and effectively integrate the company’s solution. The result was lost revenue and a burdened team. To solve this problem, we created and implemented a new hire development program.

Within six weeks, we were able to significantly reduce the time to productivity for new hires, allowing the company to realize a fully loaded bill rate 12 weeks after a person was hired.

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