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Get help designing, developing, and delivering world-class learning solutions for your organization.

You've built an amazing technically-savvy, product. But now you need to teach developers how to use it. You can either ramp-up an internal learning and development organization. Or, you can outsource it.

Your Needle in the Haystack.

It takes a unique set of skills and experiences to design, develop, and deliver learning programs targeted at software developers. On the one hand, you need highly competent educators to create impactful learning programs. On the other hand, you need highly competent software developers who can "talk the talk" to ensure the content is both accurate and relevant. It's rare to find a single person with that unique blend of skills.

Finding a person with those unique set of skills, is like finding a needle in a haystack. But, you just have. In fact, you've just found a lot of needles. We've held nearly every role in the learning and development space, from instructional designer to learning executive, and everything in between. We've also held nearly every role in the technology space, from Q/A to CTO. In fact, it's these combined experiences that provided the launching pad for DevelopIntelligence.

Introducing DevelopIntelligence Learning Services

Whether you need help creating the technical documentation or developing a proprietary industry-focused certification program, we're here to help. Due the proprietary nature of work, we can't openly disclose what we've done for which big-brand household name company. But, we can give you a glimpse of our recent projects:

  • Curriculum Design Project - assisted software company with the redesign of an entire learning path supporting multiple courses, tracks, and certifications targeted at the software development community.
  • Courseware Development - assisted software company in the development, including instructor guides, student guides, and lab manuals, to support redesigned learning program.
  • Instructor Certification Program - assisted software company in the development of an proprietary instructor certification program necessary to increase quality of educational experience. 
  • eLearning Content Creation - assisted software company in the transformation of classroom-based instructor-led training into self-paced eLearning courses. 
  • Certification Development - assisted software company in the design, development, and validation of an industry-recognized software developer oriented multi-faceted certification program


Instead of trying to find a bunch of needles in a bunch of haystacks, let us be your needles. We'll work side-by-side with you functioning as your learning and development organization.

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