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You’ve been handed a new project. No problem – you’ve got a team of developers to get the work done.

Unfortunately, your team isn’t quite ready to hit the ground running. They don’t know the technology, the process, or the paradigm required to complete the project successfully. You want to give the team what they need to get the job done, but the project clock is already ticking.

You have a tough decision to make: you can squeak by with what the team knows, in order to meet the project deadline; or you can get your team the training they need to get the project done right – but miss the deadline. It’s a catch-22 that no one wants to face.

What you really need is a learning solution that will give your team what they need to be successful, without killing the project schedule.

We’ve got your back.

With our customized learning solutions, your team will experience a personally relevant learning program designed around their backgrounds, the new project, and the project schedule. You don’t have to make a trade-off – you can train your team and meet the project schedule.

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Get help applying what you learned, back on-the-job.

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