Post-Training Support

Get help applying what you learned, back on-the-job.

Post Training Support

Studies show most adult learners only retain 10-20% of what they learn in a 5-day class. Within a month, if they're aren't actively applying what they've learned, your team will remember less than 5% of what they learned. 

That's right - by the time they're ready to start applying that really cool new technology to real-life, on-the-job projects, your team has forgotten most of what they learned. Now, they'll have to relearn what they just spent time (and money) learning. Sounds like a waste of resources to us.

We hate that.

Post-Training Support to the Rescue

Instead of struggling to relearn what they've already learned, on their own, we'll be their super-heros of learning, rescuing them from the confusion, frustration, and anxiety of learning. We'll help your team (and their project) stay on track by answering questions. They can call or email us, or log onto our virtual classroom whenever they can't figure out where, when, and how to apply what they learned.

Every customized learning solution includes post-training support.

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