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Technical talent development is no easy task. It’s hard to find senior developers who are up to the task. Should you look outside the company or equip what you have internally? It’s all too easy to waste time, money and resources onboarding new hires. Can you afford to have senior engineers away from their projects mentoring the new staff? How about the process of moving from legacy technology to new technology? We can help you solve these problems – and more – through strategic talent development. It’s one of our core specialties.

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Interested in developing the technical talent you have and/or recently acquired? We will work with you to think through how best to develop your talent. Contact us to learn more about how we have helped companies successfully develop their talent.

Onboarding / New Hire Programs

Reduce the time it takes for your newly hired technical staff to be a contributing team member – without burdening your senior engineering staff.

Team Migration

Move your team from a legacy technology to a new technology efficiently and effectively.

Technology Leadership

Cultivate and equip your top technical talent to take on leadership roles in your organization.

Mentored Prototype Development

Multitask like a master, having your team build the MVP of your new product while learning the technologies required to build it.

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