Mentored Prototype Development

Learning, meet prototyping. Prototyping, meet learning.

Multi-task like a master – with our help, your team can build your new product while learning the technologies required to do so.

Our Mentored Prototype Development (MPD) strategy is a collaborative and consultative approach to creating project-based, functional prototypes that are designed to provide targeted knowledge transfer and application to teams, through individualized, one-to-one mentoring sessions.

In this program, hands-on training meets workshop meets rapid prototyping. Our one-on-one sessions provide the knowledge transfer and application your development team needs. Overall, we help your smaller development teams adopt a new technology without impacting your development cycle.

Learn while building

In this unique MPD learning program, your team can learn while they build. Drawing on our experiences building software through rapid prototyping efforts, and combining those with our experiences delivering educational workshops, MPD blends mentoring, hands-on-training, and rapid prototyping together in one learning solution. Throughout the mentored-prototype effort, our instructor will function as an educator, a resident-expert, and a doer. In other words, he or she will impart knowledge and help you code. In the end, the Mentored Prototype Development approach will convert your existing experts into new experts, while developing the first iteration of your project. The MPD approach works best when you are transitioning an existing team to a greenfield project to be developed in a new technology set. For example, when migrating COBOL developers to Java Web Developers. But, it also works well when you need to "up level" the competency of a team within the technology set rapidly. For example, when adopting a new web development framework like Spring MVC

A Mentored Prototype Development success story

For an example of a successful Mentored Prototype Development approach in action, check out a case study on our blog in which we helped an investment firm replaces an outdated application.

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