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Choosing a new technology is tough. There are so many choices (most requiring a big financial investment); usually, the choice is driven by a specific strategy or initiative. On average, a technology migration costs an organization $80,000 per employee in training and lost productivity - on top of the technology infrastructure costs.

Once the choice is made, technology-focused migration planning occurs. But there is more to technology migration planning than just project planning - you need to ask a different set of questions, such as “How does the migration effect the software engineering process?” And, “Is there a more efficient organizational structure to support the new initiative?” Also, “What about the staff - how are they going to become productive in the new paradigm?”

Many migration efforts fail because companies don’t address how the team will become productive in the new environment. In order to ensure productivity during and after the migration, it’s essential to understand and plan for the impact on the team. Only when an organization emerges with the competency and capability to productively support and flourish in the new paradigm is the migration effort successful. 

Our Team Migration service helps your team emerge with the competencies, capabilities, and productivity required for a successful migration. Leveraging our proven “evaluate, architect, construct” process, we work with you to create and implement a team migration plan that works alongside your technology migration plan. This combination will not only ensure your success, it will also reduce employee costs. 

A Team Migration success story

For an example of our successful team migration approach in action, check out a case study on our blog in which we helped a financial services firm successfully execute a team migration.

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