Technical Training

Training that fits your team’s needs

We offer technical training in many delivery options and styles. We can combine and customize deliveries to fit your team.

Training that fits your location and schedule

We offer instructor-led technical training on-site or online. Each has advantages–the choice depends on the needs of your team. Having delivered over 6 million training hours in just 2017 alone, we’ve determined that onsite instructor led learning has the largest impact when roughly 7 hours of instructor-led learning are allocated. For online training, we’ve determined that students are most engaged when 4.5 hours are dedicated to instructor led learning, and 1.5 hours are dedicated to self-paced, hands-on progressive labs.

Fully Customizable

Training works best when content is relevant to your team’s knowledge, skills, and projects. Every learning solution we deliver is customized to your team, your project, and your productivity. Furthermore, we insure that learning programs will be closely aligned with your business objectives as we find this provides a better return on the learning investment than ad-hoc, tactical models.

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