Learning Spikes

Need a quick technical overview of a current or emerging technology?

Our software training learning spikes are designed to help create knowledge awareness in a short period of time. These learning spikes, ranging from a single day to multiple days, are fast-paced, hands-on learning events. This format is beneficial for teams/organizations that haven’t yet identified a tech stack for a new product. They give you a low-cost high-scale way to explore multiple new technologies. We can deliver learning spikes on-site or online, using collaborative e-learning techniques. Any of our learning spikes can be customized to fit your organization and technology needs.

Are learning spikes right for me?

Learning Spikes are single to multi-daym fast-paced learning events. So, strap on your thinking-cap! Very nice, consistent delivery, very organized and presented pleasantly with enthusiasm. -Happy Developer at VMware

Can I train everyone at once?

Learning spikes are single-day courses that support up to 25 people. We recommend running multiple one-day learning spikes, on different related topics, over 3-4 days.

The Learning Spike experience

Learning spikes are aimed at increasing your team’s productivity at an awareness level. They give developers a hands-on introduction to new technologies paired with advice and resources on how to learn more later.

Become a success story

Interested in having learning spikes delivered around the topics you want, where you want? We’ll tailor a custom fit solution to the needs of your team and organization. Contact us to learn more about the successful learning spikes we have delivered.

Specific Learning Spikes we offer

We offer learning spikes on most major popular development technologies. We can design them around most of the technologies we offer.

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