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Instructor led training is our forte

In our Developer Learning Survey, developers ranked group instructor-led training (ILT) as their most preferred learning method. Fortunately, ILT is something we do best.

Our customized, instructor-led training is a hands-on, in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts. Typically delivered in a lecture/lab setting, and focused on swift knowledge transfer, this format is the perfect option when you want to rapidly transfer knowledge without sacrificing hands-on learning. 

We can deliver our ILT programs online or on-site — whichever best fits your team’s needs. Regardless of how it's delivered, your team will experience a learning program that is customized to fit your team members' backgrounds, the project they're working on, and the project schedule.

With our ILT programs, you’ll be confident that your team will leave this multi-day program with a strong foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in the technology of your choice. Take a look at our complete course catalog.

On-site learning | We'll come to you

When training a team of 5-16 people, learning on-site as a team is more cost-effective and efficient than sending team members offsite to learn individually.

By bringing the class on-site, you'll still have access to your team (just in case the production server goes down or the build breaks), and your team will learn together, ensuring a consistent learning experience across the board.

Is on-site right for me?

On-site solutions are ideal for teams situated in a single location and people who prefer to learn in a dynamic classroom setting.

What do I need to provide?

We're pretty flexible. As long as you have a classroom or a large conference room with a whiteboard or flip-charts, desks, chairs and computers for each student, we'll be all set to deliver your customized learning solution.

Will the course be all lecture?

No way! Developers learn by doing — and hands-on doing is always at least 50% of the course. The rest is not merely lecture, but consists of interactive discussions, architectural reviews, and lively Q&As with instructor and other students.

Can I train everyone at once?

We can help you train everyone — but not all at once. We've found that 12 students is ideal for an instructor led, lab intensive, hands-on course. But we've been known to accommodate up to 20.

When's lunch?

It's your class — start times, end times, and lunch breaks are entirely up to you. We're here to help fill your brain, not fry it, so we suggest no more than seven hours of learning each day.

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