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In our recent Developer Learning Survey, developers most preferred group instructor-led training (ILT). That's music to our ears. We can deliver our top-notch ILT programs online or on-site. Take a look at our complete course catalog.

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You have staff in Denver, San Francisco, Omaha, and Kalamazoo. They all need training. What do you do?

You could fly your team to one location, so they can learn the same stuff, at the same time, from the same instructor. Or, you could leverage our live, virtual ILT option, accomplishing the same goals and saving your budget. Don't worry — our online courses are not self-paced; they're taught live, in the same collaborative manner you'd find in a traditional classroom.

Is online right for me?

Online solutions are Ideal for teams scattered across multiple locations or if you need a flexible delivery schedule.

What do I need to provide?

All you need are Flash-capable computers connected to the Internet and a phone. The virtual classroom has the rest.

Will the course be all lecture?

Nope! Developers learn by doing. In an online course, you'll learn by doing at least 35% of the time. The rest of the time, students participate in interactive discussions with the instructor and other students

Can I train everyone at once?

Whoa there, partner — not all at once. We prefer to limit online courses to 16 or fewer students. But we've been know to host 25 at a time in a virtual setting.

When's lunch?

Sorry, no soup for you. Online courses don't usually have lunch breaks, so feel free to eat whenever. To make sure everyone stays engaged, we suggest no more than five hours of online learning each day.

Video Podcasts

We know it's really VODCast, but that just sounds so weird.

Every class delivered in our live, virtual-classroom environment is recorded and converted into a video podcast your team can access, download, and review on an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Of course, watching 40 hours of video on an iPhone could be a bit unbearable, so we edit the recordings into manageable, topical segments.

Check out an example on the DevelopIntelligence YouTube channel.

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