Technical Workshops

Roll up those sleeves

Do you need to get your team up-to-speed in a new set of technologies? Through our workshops, we’ll get them to “on-the-job productive” status quickly and efficiently. We learn best by digging in and getting our hands dirty, doing what we’re being taught in real-time. Our workshops are a collaborative, lab approach focused on the practical application of technologies. Through project-related labs, we address the “classroom-to-on-the-job-application” hurdle – and clear it easily. Most of our workshops are designed with 80% of the time focused on labs – each day is filled with less of us talking and more of your team doing. But don’t worry – we don’t send them off in the canoe alone. While they’re doing, we’ll be right by their side, coaching and directing to make sure they’re not adrift.

Are workshops right for me?

Workshops are instructor-led, lab intensives focused on the practical application of technologies through the facilitation of a project-related lab.

Can I train everyone at once?

Workshops are the most effective when delivered at your location with a limited number (5 – 8) of people.

Workshop experience

Workshops are aimed increasing your team’s productivity at a mastery level. They are positioned to interact within the implementation phase of the software development life cycle.

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Interested in having workshops delivered around the topics you want, where you want? We’ll tailor a custom fit solution to the needs of your team and organization. Contact us to learn more about the successful workshops we have delivered.

Specific workshops we offer

We offer courses on most major popular development technologies. We can design workshops around most of the technologies we offer. Check out some of the ones we commonly offer in our course catalog.

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