Your Location and Schedule

We offer instructor-led technical training on-site or online. Each has advantages. Which one you choose should depend on your team’s needs. Having delivered over 6 million training hours in 2017 alone, we’ve determined that onsite instructor-led learning has the largest impact when roughly 7 hours of instructor-led learning are allocated. For online training, we’ve determined that students are most engaged when 4.5 hours are dedicated to instructor-led learning, and 1.5 hours are dedicated to self-paced, hands-on, progressive labs.

Fully Customizable

Training works best when content is relevant to your team’s knowledge, skills, and projects. Every learning solution we deliver is customized to your team, your project, and your productivity. Furthermore, we ensure that learning programs are closely aligned with your business objectives, as this provides a better return on the learning investment than ad-hoc, tactical models.

Let’s Get Your Team Trained

Interested in developing a custom training solution to upskill or reskill your teams? Take advantage of some of our latest proven methods including; hands on courses, fast tracks, learning spikes, and more.

Real-world content

Project-focused demos and labs using your tool stack and environment, not some canned "training room" lab.

Expert Practitioners

Industry experts that bring their battle scars into the classroom.

Highly experiential Learning

More coding than lecture, coupled with architectural and design discussions.

Fully Customized

One-size-fits-all doesn't apply to training teams. That's where we come in!

Course Delivery Options


Customized instructor-led training classes with a hands-on approach, deep-dive of a technology and its concepts. Typically delivered in a lecture + lab setting on-site at your office location and focused on rapid knowledge transfer. Workshops are great for businesses needing to upskill or reskill their teach teams on a specific technology.

Usual Delivery Timeframe: 1-5 days

Fast Track

Rapid training delivery with a hands-on approach covering multiple concepts and multiple technologies in a condensed fashion. Very similar to other bootcamp models but still completely customized to a team’s needs. Fast Tracks are great for those that have a time-sensitive project schedule requiring a more immediate approach to hands-on training.

Usual Delivery Timeframe: 5 days

Learning Slike

Custom training program with deep knowledge of technology, without the overhead of multiple-day classes. Can be scheduled as ½ day, full-day, or mini-conferences. Learning Spikes are great for those looking to capture multiple topics and bundle them together for a one-day learning experience.

Usual Delivery Timeframe: up to 1 day


Team focused training delivered in a fast paced lab environment. Training topics are focused on the practical application of a company’s tech stack tool sets and systems. Hack-a-thons are great for businesses who need to create a productive, on-the-job capable team in a new set of technologies in a very quick turnaround.

Usual Delivery Timeframe: 2-3 days

Targeted Topics

Custom quick training sessions to help students build on core skills that were gained in their onsite Intro or Immediate workshops. Similar to micro learning methods but still hands on and still focused on direct interaction with our instructors. Perfect for those looking for a deeper level of knowledge on a few key components of a technology.

Usual Delivery Timeframe: Two hours (up to three sessions per day)

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