Carmel Ulbrick

Enterprise Program Manager

Carmel joins DI with almost a decade of experience working within startups and alongside intrepid entrepreneurs.

In addition to working at DI, Carmel moonlights as a Full Stack Developer apprentice. In her free time, Carmel enjoys running marathons, coin-style margaritas, thrift-store shopping, international travel with her husband, surfing, yoga, tiki bars and choosing the window seat on airplanes.

In 2014-2015, Carmel traveled to 15 countries and counts Denmark as one of her favorite stops. Her ideal vacation includes beaches, cocktails, and catching good waves while surfing. She currently lives in Lyons with her husband, Malcolm, and their 3 dogs. She often brings her french bulldog, Poppy, to the office and loves to watch her play with our other office dog, Churchill. Carmel is super excited to join the DI team and feels right at home!

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