I am responsible for delivery logistics from start to finish. I help organize dates details on the back end to ensure classes go as smoothly as possible and maintain communication with both instructors and clients. Throughout the process, we love building relationships with our clients, which is a bonus!
How does your role help transform lives?
Education is my passion, so when we get to see our deliveries planned and executed, seeing the positive results makes it all worth while. Our student and client feedback helps drive our passion to contribute to the professional growth of each individual student, as well as the companies we work with as a whole.
Which core value do you relate to the most, and why?
I love that we are GSD certified, which means we get things done on time, with quality. My team works hard to make this happen, and crossing items off my list of "to do's" while seeing the outcome of our happy students and clients makes me feel motivated.
What's your favorite quote?
"You should always be learning. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong place."
What's one fun fact you want to share?
I am obsessed with goats, llamas, and dogs. One day, I want an animal rescue. :)