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Accountable for the successful delivery of new products and services within an enterprise program, measured by quality and satisfaction scores. Oversee the entire delivery process of the pilot program, from the execution of the SOW through communication of evaluation scores to the client organization. Support product development efforts by gathering feedback from the client and communicating back to the product team. Collaborate with Strategic Account Management and New Business Development teams to ensure programs are being delivered as expected. Work with the Instructor Management team to ensure the required resources are available and prepared for delivery. Communicate upcoming technology and resource needs to the Instructor Management team to support future staffing needs. Ensure the program meets budgetary requirements and meets profitability goals. Build relationships with clients in order to inspire confidence in DI’s ability to execute high-quality programs. Facilitate the handover of new enterprise clients to the appropriate Account Management team after the pilot program is complete.
How does your role help transform lives?
My role helps transform lives by providing engaging course content and online courses that will help students do their job better.
Which core value do you relate to the most, and why?
The most relatable DI core value to me is running towards the snake. I never back down from a challenge and enjoy taking on new projects.
What's your favorite quote?
Nothing in life that's worth anything is easy. - Barack Obama
What's one fun fact you want to share?
I have 25 pets - 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 geese, 12 chickens, 1 rabbit, and 5 hamsters.