Why Choose DevelopIntelligence?

Why Choose DI?

98% Satisfaction*98% Satisfaction*.

Smile sheets don’t tell the entire story about the quality and satisfaction of a course. But, when a student recommends the course to a peer or colleague, you know it’s truly great. In our case, that means 98% of our students consider our courses great!

*Satisfaction rating based on direct student feedback collected through post-course evaluation forms.

PersonalizationBeyond Customization. Personalization.

Developers learn best when the course materials are relevant to them. That’s why we customize every learning solution we deliver to the backgrounds of the students, their roles, the project they are working on, as well as the development and production platforms they use.

Relevant – Project/Team FocusProject Focused.

Other companies, with their off-the-shelf commodity training classes, are focused on what they offer—not what your team needs. Our learning solutions are focused on your people, project, and productivity goals. When you work with DevelopIntelligence, it’s all about you.

Budget FriendlyBudget Friendly.

Flat fee pricing. No travel charges. No customization charges. Train your entire team for approximately $1,300* per person, onsite! The value of our solutions can’t be beat.

*Based on a team of 12 people in a three day course delivered onsite in the continental US.

Why We're Different

Nearly all software development training available today is designed with a “one size fits all” mindset. Whether these courses are delivered in a classroom, online, or by downloaded content, they don’t take into account your team's unique learning needs. Don’t feel sorry for the other guys; get a solution that actually helps your people do their jobs better.

How long has DI been doing this?

We’ve been improving the capabilities of software development organizations through the delivery of highly customized learning solutions for over 13 years.

How many people have you taught?

We’ve trained more than 40,000 developers worldwide in over 30 different countries. We have suitcases and like to travel!

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