Independence == Better Learning.

Over the past eight years, DI has provided personalized learning solutions to every size and type of organization. We’ve taught top-tier Fortune 100 companies how to transform legacy systems into modern-day enterprise class applications. We’ve taught Main Street, family run businesses, how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to give them the competitive edge. And we’ve taught cutting-edge technology companies how to be even more cutting-edge. Oh, and we’ve given programmers in the military and government agencies the skills they need to keep things moving forward. No matter who we’ve helped or who we’re going to help, every single time we deliver a learning solution that is personally relevant – a learning solution customized just-for-you.

We’re developers at heart. There are some technologies that work really slick. There are others that need to grow up before they’re useful. And then there are some that are riddled with bugs. When we teach, the learning is never dictated by “corporate” marketing party lines. You get to learn honestly, without the marketing hype.

Because we are independent, our courseware and instruction is not restricted to a single company’s products or platforms. We work with you one on one, to first determine your learning needs and goals, and then deliver the solutions to those needs – no matter what the “brand” of software or technology you’re using. If you’re using an IBM application server, running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System, with the MySQL database, we’re fine with that. Though, we may talk to the accounting department to show them how open-source may be a more economical choice.

We can’t be a reseller of a “big brand” and deliver completely personalized vendor-neutral, learning solutions. We also can’t be a “training broker” throwing together leased courseware, training rooms, and uncertified instructors and deliver a high-quality personalized learning solution. Instead, we’ll stick to our convictions. After all, your quality of learning is our brand.

Next time you look for training, consider the independent choice and you’ll experience better learning delivered personally.

DevelopIntelligence has been in the technical/software development learning and training industry for nearly 20 years. We’ve provided learning solutions to more than 48,000 engineers, across 220 organizations worldwide.

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