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DevelopIntelligence specializes in delivering highly-customized, dedicated, role-based Java Training courses to technical teams and organizations.

The DevelopIntelligence team has been developing with Java and delivering Java training since 1995. In fact, 4 of DevelopIntelligence's instructors helped create and deliver Sun Microsystems' Java curriculums and the Java certification programs (including the SCJP, SCJD, SCJA).

Because of our vast Java experience and knowledge, we've been fortunate enough to author a number of best-selling Java books and speak at a number of world-renown industry Java trade shows like JavaOne, Java University, NoFluffJustStuff, the JavaSymposium and others.

If you're looking THE BEST Java training out there, delivered by well-regarded industry experts, you won't find a more qualified or credentialed group of instructors than the DevelopIntelligence team.

If you can't find the Java Training course you're looking for, contact us and we'll design it just for you.

Advanced Java Training

Advanced Core Java

Learn how to write complex stand-alone applications using advanced features of the Java language.

Internationalizing Java Applications

Learn how to implement Internationalization and Localization (I18N) within Java applications.

Java Threaded Programming

Learn how to high-performaning multi-threaded Java applications.

Java Swing / JFC Training

Advanced Java Swing Programming

Learn how to create custom, reusable, GUI Swing components.

Introduction to Java Swing Programming

Learn how to create stand-alone desktop-oriented Graphic (GUI-based) Java applications using Swing / JFC.

JPA Training

Advanced JPA Programming

Learn the knowledge and skills required for developers to use JPA to its fullest.

Introduction to JPA

Learn how to build Java EE and Java SE database driven applications using the Java Persistence Architecture (JPA).

JSF Training

Advanced JSF

Learn how to build reusable custom JSF components.

Introduction to JavaServer Faces

Learn how to build component architecture-based websites with JSF.

Using AJAX with JSF

Learn how to build Web 2.0 applications using JSF and AJAX (JSF and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) via our JSF training.

Java Web Services Training

Designing Web Services

Learn how to effectively design RESTful based web services.

Developing RESTful Web Services in Java

Learn how to build RESTful web services using JAX-RS.

Developing SOAP-based Java Web Services

Learn how to create web-service enabled applications using JAX-WS.

Developing Web Services with Java EE

Learn how to build web services using the Java EE platform.

Introduction to Clojure

Learn how to build applications using Clojure.

Securing Java Web Services

Learn how to secure Java-based web services.

Service Oriented Architectures for Managers

Learn how to prepare for, adopt, and effectively manage SOA solutions.

Web Services Concepts for Managers

Learn the key web services concepts required to effectively manage a web services project.

XML Programming with Java

Learn how to create Java applications that read, manipulate, and write XML.

Effective Java Training

Effective Java EE Development

Learn how to architect and design enterprise-class Java EE applications.

Effective Java Programming

Mature the quality and effectiveness of your Java programs by learning best-practices and principles.

Effective Web Application Development with Java

Learn the software architecture principles, web application development best practices, and common design patterns used to structure and build web applications for extensibility and scalability.

EJB3 Training

EJB3 Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of using EJB3 to build transaction aware back-end systems in Java.

Introduction to EJB3

Learn how to build enterprise application using Enterprise Java Beans.

Core Java Training

Introduction to Java

Learn how to write a stand-alone Java application using the Java programming language.

Introduction to Java for Procedural Programmers

Learn key object-oriented concepts for successful migration to the Java platform.

Java for C# Programmers

Translate your existing C# programming skills into Java programming skills.

Java for Non-Programmers

Learn to create basic programs with the Java programming language.

Java for Q/A Engineers

Learn how to write automated test code with Java.

Java Performance Tuning Training

Introduction to Java Performance Tuning

Tune a Java application to address system performance issues and crashes.

Java Performance Tuning Workshop

Learn how to apply Java Performance Tuning practices to YOUR application.

Advanced Java EE Training

J2EE Design Patterns

Learn the best-practices, principles, and patterns used to design scalable and extensible Java EE applications.

Secure Coding in Java EE

Learn how to build secure and robust Java web-based and EJB applications.

Boot Camps

J2EE for Managers

Learn how Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) can be used to build business applications via our Software Development Manager training.

Java Boot Camp

Learn how to develop Java applications quickly.

Java Certification Boot Camp

Exam Cram for Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer.

Java EE Boot Camp

Learn the key components of Java EE required to build enterprise-class Java applications.

Java for Managers

Learn how Java can be used to build business applications via our Software Development Manager training.

Java Web Development Boot Camp

Learn the fundamentals of Java, HTML, and JSP development required to build Java Web Applications.

Java Web Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to Java web developers in a practical, coached setting.

What's New in Java EE 7

Learn the new and updated Java EE 7 APIs.

JMS Training

JMS Training

Learn how to use the Java Messaging Systems and Message Driven Beans to build workflows.

JSP Training

JSP and Servlet Programming

Learn how to create basic web applications using JSPs and Servlets.

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