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DevelopIntelligence specializes in delivering highly-customized, dedicated, role-based Web Development Training courses to technical teams and organizations.

The DevelopIntelligence team has been developing web sites and web applications since 1994. In fact, our first commercial web application (written using HTML, PERL, and some CGI scripts) was developed for Michigan State University College of Education back in 1995 (our founders alma mater).

Since then, we've helped engineers at over 70% of the top tier internet software companies (like AOL, eBay, Yahoo!, and others) learn JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, and more, to create leading edge, disruptive web-based applications.

If you can't find the Web Development Training course you're looking for, contact us and we'll design it just for you.

Boot Camps

Web Development Boot Camp

Learn the fundamentals of web development quickly.

JavaScript Boot Camp

Learn how to program JavaScript in this rapid and condensed learning experience.

Groovy and Grails Boot Camp

Learn the key components of the Groovy and Grails required to rapidly build a web application.

Web Application Development for Managers

Learn which modern application development technique is the most applicable to your organization via our Software Development Manager training.

LAMP Development Workshop

Migrate legacy developers to PHP web developers in a practical, coached setting.

Mobile Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create next generation web sites.

Creating Responsive Layouts with Bootstrap

Learn to leverage Bootstrap to build responsive websites quickly.

JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST

Learn about the ways in which data is loaded in a web browser.

Introduction to Dojo

Learn to use Dojo to build cross-platform applications.

Introduction to Mobile Application Design

Learn principles for designing effective user experiences across mobile web platforms

Ajax Training

Introduction to AJAX

Build Web Pages that allow users to have an interactive experience with your Web Page.

Advanced AJAX

Build Web Pages that allow users to have an interactive experience with your Web Page.

AngularJS Training

Introduction to AngularJS

Learn how to code single page applications with AngularJS.

Testing AngularJS with Jasmine

Learn how to effectively test AngularJS applications.

AngularJS Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of building robust web applications using AngularJS.

Advanced AngularJS Development

Learn how leverage AngularJS to its fullest potential.

Backbone.js Training


Grow your web development skills through incorporation of better coding techniques.

Core JavaScript Training

Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming.

Advanced JavaScript

Learn how to build advanced web applications using JavaScript.

Effective JavaScript

Learn Effective JavaScript concepts like design patterns, packaging, compression, debugging and testing.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is designed to help web developers grow into full stack developers.

CSS Training

Introduction to CSS

Learn how to create compelling websites by applying design techniques to HTML with simple CSS rules.

Advanced CSS

Learn advanced techniques for writing stronger, more interactive code using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Migrating to CSS3

Learn the new features of CSS3.

CSS for Server-side Developers

Learn the key CSS concepts required to support back-end server side development.


Learn to use LESS to simplify the process of writing CSS documents.

HTML / HTML5 Training

Introduction to HTML

Learn how to build and edit simple webpages using HTML and CSS.

Introduction to HTML5

Learn to build web sites using HTML5.

HTML5 For Managers

Determine if a switch to HTML5 is worth the time and money.

Migrating to HTML5

Learn how to update current web solutions to support and leverage HTML5.

HTML5 in a Day

Learn key elements of HTML5 required to build mobile device-ready web sites.

Grails Training

Introduction to Groovy

Learn how to use the Groovy Scripting Language

Introduction to Grails

Learn how to rapidly create web applications using the Grails framework

Jasmine Training

Testing JavaScript with Jasmine

Learn how to write BDD JavaScript using Jasmine.

jQuery Training

Introduction to jQuery

Learn how to use jQuery to build robust web applications.

Advanced jQuery Development

Deepen your knowledge of jQuery

jQuery Boot Camp

Learn JavaScript and jQuery in a single class

Node.js Training

Introduction to Node.js

Introduction to Node.js is designed to introduce developers to Node.js.

Node.js Boot Camp

Learn the tools necessary to develop web applications that exchange data through RESTful APIs.

Advanced Node.js

Grow the Node.js skills of seasoned JavaScript developers.

PHP Training

Introduction to PHP

Learn the fundamentals of PHP required to build a dynamic website via our PHP training

Advanced PHP

Learn advanced web development concepts like OO and MVC in PHP

PHP Web Development Boot Camp

Learn how to run your own web server through LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Introduction)

Selenium Training

Working with Selenium

Learn how to use Selenium.

Ruby on Rails Training

Introduction to Ruby

Learn how to program in Ruby

Introduction to Rails

Learn how to Develop Web Sites using the Ruby on Rails 2.0 Framework

Advanced Ruby on Rails

Learn advance Ruby programming techniques, tips, and tricks.

Behavior Driven Development using Ruby

Learn behavior driven development (BDD) techniques using Ruby.

Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

Learn how to create robust web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails in condensed learning experience.

Ruby for Testers

Learn how to leverage Ruby to support the Q/A and testing processes.

Ruby for Managers

Learn how to successfully manage software projects being developed with the Ruby and/or rails.

Ruby for System Administrators

Learn how to install, configure, and maintain Ruby and Rails for production systems.

Web Design Training

Introduction to Web and Mobile Usability

Learn how to improve the usability of your website.

Web Accessibility Training

Develop a web page that is Section 508 compliant.

YUI Training

Introduction to YUI

Learn how to leverage YUI to rapidly build rich interactive web apps.

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