The new

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The new

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the new today! Our website has gone through several iterations since we first announced it, and this iteration marks a significant moment in our company history. This launch features a fully custom design by our own Doug Neiner, completely revamped content and messaging, and most importantly we now have a company blog and an avenue to showcase our amazing team.

As we worked toward the launch of the new, we constructed the site on top of the popular Drupal open source platform. With our core focus and specialty in front-end development, we don’t advocate one particular flavor of CMS over another. We’ve worked with a varity of solutions from ASP.NET (WebForms/MVC), Java/J2EE (Struts/Spring MVC/Wicket), PHP (Zend Framework/Drupal/Wordpress/CodeIgnitor) and decided on Drupal based upon our professional experience dating back prior to the formation of appendTo.

This new site launch signifies a refocused message based upon our commitment to providing value to our customers and the larger open source community. We’ve spent numerous hours dialoging and listenting to customers and community members share the problems they’re facing and the way they’re using jQuery on a day to day basis. The new product matrix and support offerings are a result of this and we’ll continue to adapt them over time to address the changing needs.

appendTo celebrates it’s 1-year anniversary on October 23rd, 2010 and we’re excited to continue foward in the years to come. We’d like to express our thanks to the jQuery Community, the jQuery Project and our Clients as we wouldn’t be where we are today without you! And as always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback via our Contact form.