appendTo Sponsors RewardJS

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Yesterday, May 9th, 2011, appendTo was very proud to sponsor RewardJS for the daily prize give-away. The daily prize goes to the person that fixes the most bugs for the day in the jQuery UI codebase. The prize up for grabs was a 1TB portable USB hard drive. The winner of the hard drive was David Petersen with 5 bugs fixed yesterday.


“RewardJS is not a JavaScript library. It’s an incentive program to thank JavaScript developers for contributing to open source libraries, for fun or for profit. To kick things off, in the month of May, you have a chance to earn an iPad 2, a MacBook Air, or an all-expense-paid trip to the next jQuery Conference. And those are just three of the prizes, there’s a different prize every day and every week. There’s no limit to the amount you can win. See the Rules for full details.”

The goal of the RewardJS campaign is to fix as many bugs as possible in jQuery UI during the month of May. appendTo is very happy to support RewardJS in thanking developers that perform the grunt work of maintaining an open source project like jQuery UI. If you’d like to win a prize, find a jQuery UI bug and fix it, find another and fix that too… you see where we’re going.