jQuery UI 1.8.13 Release Executive Brief

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Earlier this week, the jQuery UI team released the thirteenth maintenance release of jQuery UI 1.8. The following is an executive brief of the release and our recommendation.

This release is another in a series of bug-fix releases by the jQuery UI team as part of an effort to clean up the code base in preparation for the 1.9 release.

The 1.8.13 release includes far more bug fixes than in previous releases due to the RewardJS campaign that is encouraging more contributions from the community. A total of 18 bugs were fixed in this release. No new features were added, but a change log is available to see which bugs were fixed.

appendTo Recommendation

This release is now supported with jQuery 1.6.1 so we recommend that you upgrade your jQueryUI applications to the latest versions of both jQuery 1.6.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.13. Be sure to update both the CSS and the JavaScript components of jQuery UI as the CSS may change when bugs are fixed. If you find any issues please report them to the jQuery UI bug tracker.