Course Updates: HTML and CSS

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Course Updates: HTML and CSS

We continue to update our course offerings to meet your needs. This week, we updated our HTML and CSS courses, as well as two web design courses.

These courses are integral to web development, especially as we move into the Web 2.0 era. HTML5 and CSS3 are rapidly becoming the standard for both front and back-end
site development.

If your sites are still running on HTML, XML, or CSS2 elements, we can help you transition to modern web development tools.


Our HTML5 course builds on prior HTML knowledge. If you are new to web development, we recommend our Introduction to HTML course as a starting point. If you know HTML, and are looking to understand and utilize the new HTML5 features, our Introduction to HTML5 course will build your knowledge and comfort level, helping you to build sites suitable for the modern web.

Just need a quick start HTML5 course? Check out our one-day training course, designed to get you up and running in HTML5 quickly.


CSS and HTML go hand-in-hand, especially in today’s web environment. Our Introduction to CSS course will get you up to speed on Cascading Style Sheets, setting you up to further strengthen your skills through our Advanced CSS course.

Like HTML, CSS is transitioning to meet the needs of Web 2.0 users. CSS3 is the modern iteration of Cascading Style Sheets; for developers already working with CSS, our Migrating to CSS3 course will help you make the transition.

Web Design

In addition to updating our HTML and CSS-specific courses, we have also updated two courses that will help you in designing websites to meet demands of modern web users.

Our Introduction to Web and Mobile Usability course is a two-day hack-a-thon, designed to teach you how best to design websites that are optimal for any screen size – desktop, tablet, and mobile – making your sites more functional for all users.

Designing websites that are Section 508 compliant is rapidly becoming a standard requirement in the Web 2.0 era. Our two-day Web Accessibility training course will get you up to speed on the background and future of website accessibility, and teach you best practices for designing accessible sites.

Fully Customized

For each of these courses, and all of the courses in our catalog, we offer customization to fit your specific needs. Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss what you are looking for in web development training, and how we can help you plan your training roadmap.