DevelopIntelligence Success Story: Doug at Southwest Airlines

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DevelopIntelligence Success Story: Doug at Southwest Airlines

We love to share stories of our students’ successes in their programming adventures. Here’s Doug’s story.

Doug is a researcher with Southwest Airlines, working with customer presence forecasting, optimal gate consolidation, strategic fuel costing, stowing/seating optimization, optimal gate flight assignment, aircraft presence forecasting, and fueling optimization.

In three days, our team was able to help Doug in learning NVIDIA’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) developer framework, building his understanding in high performance computing and helping him optimize his Linux/Java/GT440 knowledge. As a result of our customized learning solution, Doug is able to apply this enhanced proficiency in CUDA frameworks to an app he’s been developing.

With this app, Doug uses his extensive knowledge of the airline industry to help air travelers answer the frequently asked question, “How long will it take me to get through airport security?” The app, Customer Wait Time Forecaster, helps travelers check the service and wait time for Southwest Airlines and other non-airline processes, such as security. Currently, the app data covers 8 airports; additional airports will be added.

Congratulations to Doug! We’re happy to be your partner in learning and development.

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