Case Study: Financial Services Firm Successfully Executes Team Migration

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Case Study: Financial Services Firm Successfully Executes Team Migration

In today’s installment of our Case Study series, we’re exploring how a successful team migration can move your organization past productivity roadblocks. (Missed the first of this series? You can find it here.)


A financial services firm’s aging technology infrastructure was hindering the advancement and productivity of the business, leading to a need to migrate from legacy systems to modern, service-oriented systems.

The staff did not have the competency to support the modern systems. The company had to make a decision, whether to lay off staff—and lose the intellectual property—or hire new staff, without the domain knowledge. Recognizing the loss in intellectual property was too significant, the company determined that the most cost-effective solution was to migrate the technology staff.


Working with the financial services firm’s internal training organization and Office of Architecture, DevelopIntelligence developed a team migration strategy for over 300 technical staff members.

Using our “Evaluate, Architect, and Construct” process, we were able to design a strategy that blended the competencies, capabilities, and productivity required for a successful, cost-effective migration.


30 days after the team migration plan was put into place, the financial services firm was able to begin execution of the plan, running nearly 100 people through the program in less than a quarter. Today, the firm is on its way to migrate the remaining staff to successfully support the technology migration.

Is your organization experiencing roadblocks due to aging technology? Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss how we can help you hurdle those blocks through a customized, effective, and efficient learning solution. Learn more about our approach to team migration on our website.